Molly Ivans Roast? Hell, no! It’s a BBQ!

Getting dressed up is so much fun. I forget how much fun it is because I am usually in jeans, tee shirts and no make-up. Oh, and bare feet.

But I got dressed up last night in a beautiful Sue Wong black cocktail dress with tiny pink roses and shiny black beading. I even wore HOSE.
And black, pointy shoes. And let my hair do it’s curly thing. Yes, if I don’t brush it, it dries curly. Like barbed wire on a windy ranch!

Lance had on some nice striped pants and his green wedding shirt, and off we went to honor one of the greatest women I know: Molly Ivans.
Sassy, smart, full of vim and vigor, quick and witty, and a mind like a sharpened steel trap….Molly knows politics forwards and backwards, and it is only a shame that she and Ann Richards were never President and Vice President of this country. But they were too smart to tangle with
that mess of goo.

Molly has had cancer for quite some time now, and her bald head was proudly shining at the shin-dig. Dan Rather, Garrison Keillor, Joe Ely, Sarah Bird, Granny D (who walked across the country at the age of 90 to get people to wake up to campaign reform),
and a host of other literary, journalistic and political big wigs were present. The jokes were big and hilarious; it was a good thing we weren’t eating while folks were sharing their stories on Molly because most of us would have choked on laughter. The fun thing about this event was everyone was up and talking with everyone….until the event started…and then when it was time to eat, everyone was up out of their seats, chatting again.
It was a swirl of enthusiasm, with Molly at the center of it all.


I’m off to Corpus Christi today to play at the Burning Bush Coffee House.

And when I get back I am going to start painting a bull for the Art Bulls for Charity, a charge against hunger. I’ll write another entry about it when I get back, but the painted bulls will be traveling to New York, Dallas, Chicago, Washington, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Miami before being auctioned off.

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