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Last night I went and had a chocolate body scrub thanks to KVUE and Halina’s Day Spa. I’m doing a show with KVUE called “Gimme the Mic!” that is akin to “American Idol”, except it is local Austin talent and I was told I could just be my cheery, supportive self as one of the judges (i.e., don’t be mean to the contestants.) The other two judges are going to be Mark Murray, a laid back weatherman for KVUE who loves music, and Danny Levin, a true maestro who has been a part of almost all the great music out of Austin. I think we will have a blast because I’m honored to say they are both my friends, and we will be
enjoying people giving their all while we give them supportive feedback.

So, how did I get the chocolate body scrub? Well, the show has sponsors…part of what the sponsors do is strut their stuff with me enjoying it! Fun job! I also got to go pick out clothes to wear on the show from the Garden Room, a suh-weet clothing store over near the original Kirbey Lane restaurant. “Gimme the Mic” will show clips from my massage and clothing run during the shows. They will be aired starting in June…

I found out that “Food 911”, the show I taped with Tyler Florence, chef extraordinaire, will be airing on Sept 21…Can’t wait to see it…we had a MAD HATTER Tea Party.

Went to dinner after the scrub last night with my old pal, Marty, who said he has never been to my blog, so I figured I better write about what a genius he is before he gets here! (And, really! He is a genius, as you know if you have heard the music for “Pillowman!” ) Actually, he had a HILARIOUS idea for a short film last night, so that is my new project…to create a short film with Marty (and, of course, see if Gene will edit). I would tell you about it but then you would know about it and then why bother making it because the joke would be over. It is going to be a mockumentary. That is all I can divulge at this moment.

I have a library gig today…those are really fun.

This is a lame entry because I don’t have a lot of time to really submit anything intriguing or fun. But I always find myself wanting to write in here…gosh! It is such a magnet for my mind, to have a place to write!

So, I’ll just say that this is what is up:

I won’t be doing Austin City Limits Festival this year because I have chosen to be with family for a wedding in Arkansas. I was excited to be invited back for ACL, and I’ll miss the joy of that festival, but nothing can compare to being with my family. I love all my cousins and aunts and uncles and watching my kids play with THEIR cousins…I can not describe the bliss of watching life unfold like this. And it’s a wedding! Come on! The start of a new journey for two people coming together…You know I’ll have a box of Kleenex RIGHT THERE next to me the whole time!!!

Speaking of family, we are off to Houston to pick up my nephew from the airport, and we are thrilled he is coming to visit (from Colorado).

My cats are ready for their summer shaving. Texas is hot AND humid right now.

io wants to join Cirque du Soliel. That is all she talks about. She can balance like no body’s business on a cylindrical object.

Lily has started a comic book that floors me. Her talent is advanced, comical, insightful and truly one of a kind.

Lance is working hard and enjoying being in the world of big people again.

I am in love with my husband and girls. What more could a 41 year old woman ask for.

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  • Hey Sara!!

    Thanks so much for the issue of Performing Songwriter!
    I love that magazine.
    I have a nifty prize to send you too.
    What address can I send it to?

    Best from the Dots,


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