More mail for Sergeant Sam Cox at KLBJ

My name is Liz Stewart, and I am a member of Saint John ’s UMC in Austin , TX . Right now we have IHN families staying at our church for a two-week stretch. I can tell you honestly and without reservation that each time I have volunteered to participate in IHN by feeding, eating with, sitting with, and just visiting with our IHN guests, I always receive more from them than what I give. WITHOUT exception, the loving families I’ve met through our church’s participation in IHN have been kind, sober, and hard-working. There isn’t one family or member who has frightened me even slightly. The families I’ve met are well-kept, well-mannered, and grateful for the little bit of support we provide.

The last time I volunteered to help with IHN at Saint John’s , a couple of months ago, I had a two-hour conversation with a “homeless” mother. She quizzed me endlessly about educational options for her 10-year-old son. She took notes on everything I said, and I believe she will follow up. The mother herself is taking classes to complete her college education. She touched me profoundly.

My family has been so fortunate. I don’t really know why, because I discern little difference between me and the homeless mothers I’ve met through IHN. Some people have truly rotten luck. I plead with you to learn more about these precious families; for you will be blessed immeasurably once you do.


Liz Stewart

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