Necessary Angels Revisited

Originally intended as a 25th anniversary celebration of the release of Necessary Angels, these tracks were begun by Flora & Fawna (aka Lili Hickman and Mason Ables) in 2019. The idea was to have Flora & Fawna approach the songs in their style and with their touch. As we all now know, 2020 had it’s own plans for the world and the project was knocked out of orbit! But we thankfully have “Best of Times” and “Shadowboxing”! 

Jump to early fall of 2020 when the project was picked up by my husband Lance Schriner and my amazing friend and musician Eddy Hobizal. Together they produced three more tracks via Zoom and other online interfaces. They took what Flora & Fawna were not able to complete and put their own unique approach and touch to “Pursuit of Happiness”, “Room of One’s Own” and “Oh, Daddy”. 

I wish it could be all ten songs, but I’m thrilled to share these five tracks with you and to honor the work and passion everyone put into what we could finish. 
~ Sara

Track Listing

  1. Best of Times (2020 version)
  2. Oh, Daddy (2021 version)
  3. Shadowboxing (2020 version)
  4. Pursuit of Happiness (2021 version)
  5. Room of One's Own (2021 version)

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