January 1, 1997

Sara’s highly eclectic and very enjoyable album of songs that, well, just don’t wanna fit anywhere else!

Three Women (Domestic Science Club)

April 17, 1996

Necessary Angels

October 4, 1994

The album that changed everything! To produce Necessary Angels, Sara had to buy back the rights to her own music and become a truly independent artist—with the help of the necessary angels, her fans!

Domestic Science Club

March 15, 1994

Domestic Science Club, a three-part girl group best described as “the Andrews Sisters meet the Roches,” features Sara Hickman, Robin Macy and Patty Lege.


January 1, 1990

Shortstop is regarded as a landmark album for Sara. Very “close to her real heart.”

Equal Scary People

January 1, 1989

Sara’s first album. Simply is one of her very best songs, and who else but Sara Hickman can tackle a James Brown song and make it her own?

esta chica

September 14, 1987

Sara originally released this album as a cassette tape EP while going to North Texas State in Denton, TX.

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