Well, how do you connect with that cute bundle of energy known as your toddler? Sara has found one method… with music and stories. Short and simple, just enough to keep the ol’ attention span sated… and not necessarily just theirs!

Here’s a little trivia… That little boy peeking on the front cover of the album, Nicholas Long, is the same kid on the cover of Sara’s “Newborn” CD!

TODDLER won Creative Child’s Top Creative Toy Award in 2005, NAPPA Gold 2004, Children’s Music Web Awards Winner for Classic Recording in 2003, Parent’s Choice Gold 2001, Dr.Toy’s Top Ten Audio Tapes 2001, and Dr. Toy’s 100 Best Toys 2001!

Track Listing

  1. GET UP, EVERYBODY! written by Sara Hickman... vox: Sara, Kristin de Witt, and Lorrie Singer
  2. TEN LITTLE BUBBLES ...this is the classic children's song with a twist
  3. WALKING, WALKING ...this is a song we used to do in our mommy's group. I've jazzed it up into a round.
  4. MR. KAWASAKI (THE WOK SONG) written by my pal, Kim Steinhagen and her 2-1/2 year old daughter, Anna. I hope it inspires you to create songs with your toddler, too!
  5. REMEMBER YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS words by Irving Caesar, music by Gerald Marks (©1965 Marlong Music Corp.). This is a song from a series of 1930s "Songs of Safety". Good advice to this day!
  6. HEY, THERE, LITTLE INSECT by Jonathan Richmond... sung by me and my imaginary friend, "Angelica." We call ourselves "The Vikkis" after one of our favorite singers. Backing vocals: Paul, Kevin, Marty
  7. UP IN A TREE A KOOKABURRA SAT ...I think I learned this in Girl Scouts, but I definitely remember singing it with my cousins when I was a kid.
  8. WAAR IS MIJN DULFJE written & performed in Dutch by Oma Truus Whiteaker. "Where is my baby bird? Oh, here she is!"
  9. OH, I WISH I WERE A FISHY IN THE SEA! words adapted by Sara, little girls: Louise Root, Elisabeth Zee, Claire-Emmanuelle Zee.
  10. STORYTIME WITH SARA: GUINEA PIGS! ...I think sharing stories with our children about our own experiences helps to build trust and laughter. It also encourages children to make up their own stories to share with us.
  11. WEENIE MAN ...this song has always made me laugh. Plus, I finally got to bang on a circus drum! Encourage your toddler to bang along on pots, pans, buckets... you get the picture.
  12. BUNNIES friend, Sandy Abernethy, used to sing me this Spike Jones song. I adapted the words and first sang it to my daughter during her massage time. Performed at The Cat's Meow, Stockholm.
  13. I LIKE MY BOOTS written by Kristen Nichols (age eight) & Sara Hickman (age 37). Sung by Kristen and Sara, claps by Dale Whiteaker-Lewis, Diane Nichols and Sara. Kristen asked me one day, "How do you write songs?" and I told her, "Well, what do you like?" She looked down in thought, and answered, "Well, I like your boots!" So, we wrote this song with a lot of jubilation. And what a fun way to help your children get dressed!
  14. BILL GROGGIN'S GOAT ... A Girl Scout song I re-learned from the wonderful Lu Mitchell. Sung by Gretchen Phillips, backing vocals by THE JULIES.
  15. FRÉRE JACQUES ...sung by Louise, Elisabeth and Claire-Emmanuelle.
  16. DUKE OF YORK ...male singers: Lance Schriner, Todd Wolfson, Curtis Nichols, Ben McDonald, Mike Cogliandro, Jon Sullivan... marching by the Cinnamon Toasts. For fun interaction, place your child on your knees and follow the instructions in the song!
  17. JUNKYARD written by Sara. Backing vocals: Gretchen Phillips, Sara, Mary Law, Jon Sullivan
  18. GERBIL spoken by my friend Mary Law, who discovered it on a wall in a coffeehouse here in Austin.
  19. THIS LITTLE LIGHT OF MINE as interpreted by MC Overlord, words adapted by Sara Hickman. Backing vox: Sara and Lorrie Singer. I wanted to take this song and embrace the idea that we can change ourselves and our world...
  20. PUPU HINUHINU written by Helen Desha Beamer & Mrs. Albert K. Lyman in 1947. Sung in Hawaiian by my friend Glann Kawamoto... "Shiny sea shell go to sleep."
  21. STORYTIME WITH TISH HINOJOSA ... a story about how happy some little rats are after a cat passes away.
  22. I GOT YOU, BABE written by Sonny Bono... a silly duet with Billy Henry
  23. DOWN BY THE BAY ...I altered the words so your children could guess the animals.
  24. HINEY RAKEVET ...introduced to me by Robbie Sherwin. My attempt to sing a folk song in Hebrew!
  25. STORYTIME WITH SARA: THE STORY OF P ...yes, this is true. I want kids to know that accidents happen, and that's ok.
  26. HOLE IN THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA ...I learned this from my mom when I was a little girl.
  27. THREE LITTLE MONKEES ...poor monkeys, happy alligator! Have fun using hand signs with this song.
  28. SOMEONE by Rich Upton/Tom McLellan (1986). Yes, that's Rich singing in there with me! A wonderful mommy, daddy, and toddler song.
  29. STORYTIME WITH MR. PEPPERMINT ...Mr. Peppermint has been enchanting children for more than 35 years. I'm so honored to have him here!
  30. MUDDY HANDS by Stonewall Jackson. One day I heard my husband singing this song while he was taking a shower, and he later told me that he remembered he learned it when HIS father used to sing it in the shower. Sung by my husband, Lance.
  31. GOOD NIGHT, EVERYBODY! written by Sara.

Produced by: Sara Hickman
Engineered by Marty Lester
Mixed by Marty Lester and Sara Hickman
Recorded at Tequila Mockingbird, Austin Texas
Mastered by Jerry Tubb, Terra Nova, Austin, TX
Photos by Lance Schriner, drawings by Lily Blessing (age 2)
Art Direction by Sara Hickman and Lance Schriner
Design by: Stingray

electronic/acoustic/toy guitars, toy piano, dulcimer, circus drum, keyboards, snaps, claps, sound design and all vocals (except where noted) - Sara Hickman
piano, flutes, basson, fiddle - Danny Levin
bass, trombone - Jon Blondell
acoustic bass - Kevin Smith
drums, tamborine - Paul Pearcy
softshoe, tambo - Todd Wolfson
drum programming, bubbles, and sound design by Marty Lester
sound design on "Guinea Pigs" and "The Story of P" by Kathryn Korniloff

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