My friend, Marty

a few years ago, my friend, marty, mixed a documentary called “Dear Mr. President”. you can
see the trailer here:

if you read the text below the main page picture, you’ll see that one
of the girls from the film was killed the other day.

if you want to know more about what loss/war feels like, please click the link below.
it’s the father of the dead girl (from the documentary) calling in to talk to a journalist,
live on the air, moments after his house was shelled and his three daughters and wife
were killed:,0,6675257.story

you all know how i feel about war, about terror, about what we, as humans, do to one another
on a daily basis. those of you that know me know i feel helpless in the face of such enormous
world suffering, but that my hope is to make change where i can, bring peace when i can, and
to talk about social issues to those who want to know more so that they, too, can be a part of

please pray for peace…pray with intent in your heart that there may be mature dialogue and understanding
between nations, between leaders, between everyday people.

suffering must come to an end. i will not quit believing that we CAN
create peace just as easily as we can create the horrors of war.
in the blink of an eye, if we all just kept our eyes on the prize.


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