My garden, race cars, Rodney Crowell, Mollie’s baby

Mollie, our dear friend and office assistant, will be having her first child this Saturday!
She is glowing in her growing and I am knowing she is going to LOVE LOVE LOVE being a mom!

My garden: last week, playing in the dirt. Singing, smiling. Loving the onions, the brocolli,
the lettuce, the tomatoes, the flowers…my hands and fingernails covered in the rich hummus
of earth’s winter soil, breaking and moving, holes filled with tiny roots/shoots/scooting along
on my knees.

Rodney Crowell: Sex and gasoline. A moving work of art. I want to write a song as a duet for
he and I and ask him to sing on my next cd. Will there be a next cd? We shall see!

Drawing race cars and electric guitars this morning. Coloring sheets for a twinset of 7 year
olds in D.C. I will be singing for this weekend.

Still giddy from singing with the Dallas Wind Symphony this weekend. Did it happen? Or
was it just a dream?

Trying to get songs to the Connextion for digital download. So much work to be done…ay yi yi!

Anybody need any Girl Scout cookies, by the way? We’ve got ’em! Last day is Feb. 21…so get me
your order ASAP!

Had a fabulous lunch yesterday with Bob & Jean Van Steenburg, Pat and Charlie (of El Paso) and Kristin
and Vicki of TCADP…Lily, Lance and iolana surprised me by taking me to the steps of our church, where
I was presented with a photo op on behalf of receiving a Proclamation from Mayor Will Wynn that this
Saturday, Feb. 21, the day Mollie’s baby will be born!, will be Sara Hickman day in Austin, TX…and that
13th Street, right in front of our church’s family life center, will be named Sara Hickman Way! After
the ceremony, which I will, sadly, miss (as I will be enjoying performing for little boys and handing out
race car/guitar coloring sheets!)…well, we get to keep the street sign! Woo-hoo…!!!!

So, lunch was a fabulous capper to an amazing weekend.

What started as a dream and became a reality…the Music for Life tour across Texas…included our first event on
October 3, 2007 at my home church…First United Methodist…and yesterday, to be treated to the surprise of what will be
transpiring on Saturday…full circle…the tour evolved into the dialogue I hoped it could become…and it will continue…and
I thank God for the idea and the introduction to TCADP’s folks…all great people, working hard on behalf
of those imprisoned and their families…

Lastly, just me reiterate, because I don’t think I’ve stated it enough, ever, here or there, that my husband is one helluva
human being. Let the records show that I know I’ve got it good and for anytimes I might be whiney, just stare me down
and I will know you read this blog entry about Lance, my prince, my friend, my husband extra ordinaire, and I will shut
up and look to the skies and smile my big ass grin and say, “Thank you, God, for this angel of a man.”

Do not be sick with my words of sweetness! If you are gagging…I say…Stop tha!. Enjoy that love exists and people LIKE being married
and growing wrinkly together. Maybe this is you, too. Are you growing wrinkly with someone you love?

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  • DeAnna


    Ahhhh, yes! Growing wrinkly with someone I love and cherish, but not seeing enough of her bare “wrinkles” these days!! (haha) Damn work schedule. Damn family life schedule. (we are homeschooling our three kids whom we just adopted in Aug) But definitely working towards the growing old part…. smile

  • Sooz


    I sure am! I HAVE A WONDERFUL HUSBAND too, lucky me! There is so much cyncism in reference to marriage, it is a shame really. It is much more “en vogue” to bash you spouse than to praise him/her. How did we get there?

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