my husband

makes incredible homemade enchiladas…we call them “poppie’s enchiladas”…

likes to take his time but can also be flexible and spontaneous

folds slacks/shirts better than neiman’s

cleans up after himself

doesn’t care about yard work or plants…

has a 16 year old cat

has beautiful curly hair

sometimes wears glasses

is very funny and makes me laugh so hard

once brought me brown colored flowers…they looked like chocolate petals

has three best friends named bill, todd and neil

likes things simple and elegant

doesn’t wear jewelry except his wedding ring

is incredibly loyal

never has an unkind word about anyone

sleeps in

always makes the bed

drives a soccer mom car

likes aliens

enjoys “curb your enthusiasm,” which is great because we both think it is hilarious

also enjoys “antique road show” which is super cool

is easy to travel with

is patient

is love

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  • What a great list and from the sounds of it a great husband! It inspired me to do my own list on my hubby – Andrew Hartsock.

    My husband:

    Always makes wheat pancakes on Sunday mornings.

    Reads to our children every night.

    has a 17 year old cat named Tippy who he rescued from his car engine in Austin.

    is so peaceful and loving

    makes people laugh

    left the IT world behind to become an elementary school teacher

    teaches spinning and pilates and did the MS150

    takes eight neighborhood kids with helmets, on weekly bike rides

    does most of the housework and supports my career ambitions unequivocally

    loves Star Trek and Voyager

    will watch Just Shoot Me with me and loves Reno 911 and Curb Your Enthusiam

    teaches our kids a love of music

    is hilarious and non-confrontative

    never mean-spirited

    makes me a better person

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