Naked Calendar for 2007

This just in from my friend, Spike Gillespie, about the new “Naked” calendar. Some of you may remember I was Miss June for 2006…anyhoo, she says:

The new “Naked” calendar release party was scheduled to be a fundraiser, but now there’s more of a sense of urgency. Our main sponsor
pulled out (they were bought by a bigger, more conservative company opposed to the whole naked idea) leaving us with a pretty hefty hole in our printing budget. And so, to cover our butts (but not the musicians’) we’re selling a very limited number of tickets (100) at a minimum donation of $40 each. The show features Jon Dee Graham, James McMurtry, Abra Moore, South Austin Jug Band, Ain’t Misbehavin’ (my husband’s band!) and many others.

The $40 includes snacks, beer, music, a calendar, and a chance to bid on prints of the pictures in the calendar. I thought I could sell those 100 slots really fast, word of mouth, but sales have been slow. I’ve only sold about 20 tickets. I was going to put a poster up but I still want to wait a
little bit and see if I can just sell this out on my own. So if you know of any list serve or groupI could email the details to to target the right audience, please let me know. Oh, and the tickets are tax deductible because we’re a non-profit, umbrella-ed by Women & Their Work.

October 27th, 6 til 10 p.m. in Hyde Park.


Hi, everybody…me, Sara, again…

Just as an aside, yesterday I was invited to speak as a guest lecturer to an Ethics and Leadership class at the University of Texas. The students and I really enjoyed ourselves, and I have already been asked to return for two more series next year! I’m thinking I need to start sporting a corderouy jacket with patches on the elbows….

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    Is there a link for more info?

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