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Tonight, we loaded up the red wagon with Girl Scout Cookies, and hit the ‘hood to sell off Lily’s remaining boxes.

io was on her bike, complete with silver streamers and an old fashioned black rubber ball horn (ca-hhhha, cahhhha! If you’ve ever had one, you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about! Sounds like cranky, loud goose) She still has her training wheels, but you’d never know it, the way she flies around on that thing. The sun was setting, our dog, Lucky, stopping to sniff at every blade of grass, every old poo… the four of us rounded corners, and then three of us stood by in support while Lily knocked on the doors, greeting everyone with, “Hello! Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?” We sold 6 boxes tonight! We met a dog, Sister, a sweet black lab, who belongs to our brand new neighbors, Leigh and Mark; then, of course, we stopped in on Corinne, who is from France, and who offered us juice, and hugs and smiles…while I tried to stop Lucky as she attempted to eat her playmate Rita’s dog food. Corinne’s house smells awesome…she is a terrific chef. She has shown up at our house with leek and potato soup, and if it isn’t the tastiest soup I ever had. My favorite pan to work with is one Corinne gave me when I got married to Lance…I always FEEL french when I cook or saute or boil something inside.

I don’t know why, but my heart was soaring with happiness…walking out in the evening air, the girls chatting, the sound of wagon/bike wheels turning, a few stars popping in the sky, streetlights glowing, neighbors friendly and feeling, really enjoying, the moments of life being happy, right, sweet.

Last night we walked around the length of the ditch with Ado, our friend visiting from Ireland. He was the sound man on the Nanci Griffith tour, and we became fast friends then and have stayed tight ever since. He brought the girls the most exquisite silver Irish crosses on chains, and brought Lance a shirt from a famous bar, and both of us a DVD and cd of some Irish music Ado highly recommends. After a lovely dinner Lance had prepared, we all went for an evening walk, io on her bike, Lucky AND Shadow (our big gray long haired tabby) trailing along, Lily on her Razor, Ado, Lance and me.

Tomorrow I play at One World. I am very excited about it. I am going to perform “Living in Quiet Desperation” for the very first time, just me and Kristin. I think it is time. I think I am ready. I wasn’t sure how to approach it on guitar, but I have practiced every day, all week, over and over and over.

Yesterday, Shelley King came over, too, and we wrote all day. We created a song called “Open Up To Me”, and we already have plans to record it and place it on a compilation cd for children with cancer. Shelley was phenomenal. WIthin minutes, we were both weepy, talking about life, our children, our families, our music, what we want for the world. I had the box of tissues right there, don’t you know it! The cool thing was that it was our first time to meet, and so we were getting to know one another WHILE we were writing a song. Yes!

I’ll be at the Barns at Wolftrap (DC) on Saturday…and then Godfrey Daniels in Bethlehem, PA on Sunday night.

I want to sing sing sing. I want to sing better than I ever have. I have so far to go! But I am practicing my toushie off. I want to give it my all.

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  • David Levy


    I saw Sara at Wolf Trap on Saturday night. Wow. What a joy. The voice of an angel, and beautiful also. Her music is, well, it just takes you away. What an enjoyable concert. After Sara was finished, I rushed out to the lobby to buy her CD. I had looked at it before the concert started and had no idea who she was. But after she sang, well I figured if I did’t get out to the lobby quickly, all her CD’s would be sold. I picked up “Moterlode” and her picture. When I went back in, my wife told me that Sara as up front by the stage. I got a pen and went up to get her to sign the CD and picture. I not only got Sara’s autograph, but I got two hugs!!!! What a person. Afterwards one of my sister-in-laws (I was there with my wife and 4 of her 8 sisters) said that she overheard Sara talking with her sister in the lobby saying that she didn’t think she gave a good performance. Sara, it was wonderful. Your music and voice are really special. When we lived in Hawaii, there was this girl who sang at Church. I used to go up to her mother after each Mass that she sang at and tell her that her daughter had the voice of an angel. That was about 12 years ago, and it wasn’t until I heard Sara sing that once again I heard the voice of an angel. The concert was Saturday night and we stayed at my wife’s Mom’s house in Springfield VA and drove back to Westminster in a snow storm Sunday. It’s late now, but tomorrow, I will get to listen to “Motherlode.” I can’t wait. Much Aloha to you Sara.

  • a-dog


    Whenever I read that “your heart soars with happiness”, it makes mine soar too!
    You put out extremely well for us, my dear….
    I have been to a hundred shows and never feel disappointed. You’ve continued to refine and polish your skills and you are a better musician now than ever! xo,a-dog

  • Leigh


    Sara, it feels great to move into a neighborhood where someone knocks on your door selling cookies and their cute little dog dashes into the house to check it out. Thank you for your friendliness! –Leigh

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