A Frugal Friend on “Big Bird, Little Bird”

Big Bird, Little Bird – charming DVD for little ones!

It put me to sleep…..and not because it was boring. I’m talking about the new DVD released last week, Big Bird, Little Bird. Essentially this is a CD on DVD…. a beautiful collection of songs from award-winning Sara Hickman’s CD Newborn. With animated graphics so charming (lovely mommy/baby animals for example), this is one item that will find its way into many parents homes. It was just named one of Dr. Toys Best Vacation Products too!

It’s for newborns up to age 5, but I wasn’t sure how well my little one would do at almost 3 years of age. I put in the DVD as naptime was approaching and we snuggled up on the couch. The music is just charming. While I recognized songs like “You Are My Sunshine”, most were seemingly original (and all had their own unique flavor). They could easily become lullaby favorites….my favorite was “It’s Alright” (A cappella)…….breathtaking. I really almost fell asleep as it is incredibly calming. CALMING! It was a wonderful way to snuggle up with my daughter and enjoy the approximately 35 minutes. Love moments like that.

Matching these lyrics up with the animation is brilliant. This is perfect for a child’s very first video because the animation moves so slowly (no worries about their eyes). There are very few videos that I found with such slow moving animation for little ones, and I highly recommend this DVD just for that reason alone. The pictures are bright and colorful, not to mention many of them have a homemade feel to them (cute button embellishments). While my almost 3 year old really liked it, I think it’s more geared towards ages up to 2.

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