Midwest Record on The Best of Times

Texas Artists Performing the Music of Sara Hickman/various: If you aren’t in Texas, Hickman is someone that probably fell off your radar 15 years ago when she had to wind up buying her unreleased masters back from Elektra when the label went through an abrupt sea change. If you are in Texas, you know she’s as beloved as Gary P. Nunn, who you also don’t know if you aren’t in Texas. The crème of Texas musicians, with Willie Nelson on the opening track, gather round to lend their voices to this benefit album that brings Hickman back into focus and raises money for arts education in Texas schools in an effort spear headed by Hickman. Way more sizzling than the usual tribute/fundraiser album, all we can say is ‘damn you record business for marginalizing this unbridled talent and depriving us all these years’. Fans of real, deep heartfelt songwriting have some serious catch up to do and should pick this set up pronto. Killer set without a wasted note across 2 cds.

From Midwest Record, Chris Spector (http://midwestrecord.com/MWR382.html)

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