Radiation Man #1

I am so freakin’ happy right now! I can not believe what people are doing to support BIG KID and the song, RADIATION MAN!!!!! It must be a dream, except that I’m not asleep (although, the time it is right now, I wouldn’t MIND being asleep!!!) THANK YOU THANK YOU, you guys! How can this be???

I remember my old friend, Jeff Wicker, who once said, “That song will be a hit on the radio…!” And he is in commercial radio! That blew my mind!!! I need to send him a free trip to Bali with a free snorkel for his enthusiasm!!! Jeff! The guru!
How did he know? Now, of course, the trick would be to get RM on commercial
radio…that would be funny:

“That was J-Lo followed by the odd little hit, “Radiation Man”…next up, Justin Timberlake’s new single, “Nipple Star”…

RADIATION MAN has been number 1 for two weeks in a row! And it has been on the charts for fourteen weeks…how can this be? ! Pinch me! No. Wait. Stop.

Now my dream is that Lily’s song, LOOK AT ME, moves up to number one. Could you imagine? Over pancakes?

“Lily…” I say.

“Yes, mom?” she responds.

“Well, you know that song you sang, “Look at me”?” as I pour the syrup onto her chocolate chip pansnakes.

“Uh-huh…” she answers with a mouth full of said pancakes.

“Well, honey…Your song is #1 on the radio…all over the country!” I burst into tears. Tears of joy and pride, mind you!

“Oh, cool,” she says as she devours a side of bacon, slurping on her juice.

“Isn’t it cool?! It IS cool!” I blather as I take empty dishes from the table to the sink. “I’m so proud of you…”

“Mom?” she asks.

“Yes, honey?” I respond.

“I love you,” she says. “Can I have more syrup, please?”

“Yes, ” I say, “But….I loved you first, ” I smile.

“No, I loved YOU first…” she smiles back.

Big hug. Life goes on. My seven year old picks up her back pack and we head to school. Later, she talks about a song on the playground, everyone says “Cool” because no one really understands what it means and then they break into “Let’s play bakery” or “Who wants to swing?” and Lily is a happy child in the midst of

Except that her mom is at home with her heart the size of Wisconsin…beaming
with love. Happy that good things can come to those who wait.


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  • I knew the first type I saw a little person that I love hit the replay button on her CD player over and over and learn the chorus-then learn more words and finally sing at the TOP OF HER LUNGS that “Look at me” was special !!

    WAY TO GO LILLY !!!!!! grin

  • TDR


    Radiation Man and Look at me are my girls’ favorite songs (well, Iolana and Cantelope rank right up there). There’s nothing sweeter than hearing my girls sing along with Lily and nothing more entertaining than hearing them say in the same accent as you, “Look at my geraniums, they’ve all been fried!” Thanks for the music and fun!

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