Red State Blue—Video to Encourage you to VOTE!!!

My friends, Doug and Jill Bryan, sent this AWESOME video that they made and are passing around to friends to get people to VOTE.

Ya know, I just love when people take action and create something to encourage the rest of us that change can happen. Take a second and watch the video…

And kudos to Jill for singing the song with such authenticity and aplomb!

From Jill:

The links below will let you see a video that my brother Russ, my husband Doug and I created called “Don’t It Make My Red State Blue?”. Please enjoy, share it with everyone you think might care – and remember to vote! (this will most likely be the first time any of you have seen me dressed up like Crystal Gayle)
Love and peace,

P.S. – The web.mac address quality is much better, but if you can’t pull it up for some reason, you should be able to see youtube without a problem.

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