Rick Perry & Double Taxes

Rick Perry has got to go. I can not believe what is happening here in Texas. I am completely dumbfounded over the BETRAYAL of the governor towards the people. There is going to be a double tax/toll plan that will cost my family, and all families in Austin, an additional $100 a MONTH for roads that have ALREADY BEEN PAID FOR that are being turned into TOLL ROADS so special interest groups can get fatter while the rest of us get leaner. 93% of people here in Austin said NO NO NO NO to the toll roads, and then our government officials went ahead and APPROVED it. WAKE UP, people! You can make a difference!

How is it that greed is so out of check? How is it that there are millions of us and, yet, only a few who can decide how our money is used, abused and pocketed off of our backs? I am really, really, really, really sick and tired of it. I am sick and tired of playing at benefits where twelve people show up. Or I am sick of performing at benefits and watching passionate volunteers give their all while others moan and groan about the weight of it all and how nothing can really change. Bullshit. It takes A VILLAGE. It takes ALL OF US rising up with our votes and our voices and we need to HELP ONE ANOTHER RIGHT NOW. There is no tomorrow. RIGHT NOW. Do something. Right this second, damn it!

Here are the good folks who voted AGAINST the double tax/toll road:

Daryl Slusher
Todd Baxter
Elliot Naishtat
Eddie Rodriguez
Jack Stick
Terry Keel
Gerald Dougherty

Everyone else….let’s recall them and move forward. If in can happen in California, it can happen anywhere. And it should. This is still a DEMOCRACY. WE the PEOPLE are what makes this nation great. Not THEM the OFFICIALS.
They are voted in to office to serve for the betterment of the community, not to line their own pockets.

CALL. WRITE. GET INVOLVED. Yes, you can. I don’t want to hear about how you are too tired or too busy. DO IT. DO IT RIGHT NOW while you are mad at me for bringing this to your attention!

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