Ridiculous & Sad

Ok, I can not buy any more catsup. Every time I go to the grocery store, I say to myself, “Hmm. I think we need catsup.” We now have at least four or five bottles of catsup.

I just spent five hours on the computer answering email. Most of it was work related, but good Lord! I still have 150 emails to go.
Should I farm them out? Should I take a break? Yes, I am taking a break. Now I am writing in my blog about catsup.

Tonight there is a PBS documentary on about John and Abigail Adams. This is going to be educational family night in front of a tv!
As you may or may not now, we are not proponents of TV. However, we do love PBS. And since the Adams are my great, great, great oh-so-super great grandparents, and they are the subject matter of “A Song Of You”, the first cut on one of the cds on the upcoming release, MOTHERLODE, I feel it is rather important my children and I watch about them on TV.

Now the sad news:

While we were selling Girl Scout cookies on Saturday, and having a marvelous time doing so, I might add, our dog was at home digging open the door to our mouse cage and subsequently killed Yo-Yo, our last mouse. Thankfully, Lance got home before we did and discovered what had happened and cleaned up before the girls and I came home. He had to announce the news after dinner, and it was quite traumatic.

But, I tell you what. There is a sacred beauty the love a family can deliver to someone who is grieving within the realm of death. I was in awe of how we circled around Lily, touching her hair, her hands, cooing quiet words of love and allowing her to sob and cry and question and become angry and back to tears. I am grateful for my family. We are small, and gentle, and the love is so apparent and real and deep and I don’t know how else to describe it. I guess this is why there is no name for love…..it is so universal and such a mystery.
I am grateful to experience it.

I just don’t want any more pets to die for awhile.

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  • poor silly lucky was just being a dog.
    i love that dog.
    as i do all of you..

  • Andrew


    I am a friend of Sandie Tanner and she said I should contact you. I am headed over to spend a month and a half with her and the children. So… Send me an email if you have a moment smile

    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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