Rockrgirls Rock the Rock!!!

Ok this will be the fastest entry I have ever made cuz the taxi is going to be here any minute…I’m off to Seattle for the Rockrgirl conference, and I’m a bit nervous! I feel like I’m moving back into the world of touring and this is my step-off! I’m excited, like a girl going to the prom. You should see my suitcase. I never travel with more than a pair of jeans and a frilly shirt…I brought enough change of attire for the next six weeks!!! What will the weather be like, I asked myself? Who will I meet? What should I wear on stage? Are these socks going to match ANYTHING?

I found out I am going to get back stage to meet Bonnie Raitt and I am beside myself with glee. I get to play guitar for Rain Perry’s set (right before mine at 9 pm at the Broadway Performance Hall)…I love that I was asked to play an entire set of JUST GUITAR for someone else!!! It was fun learning all of someone else’s material, and Rain is a brilliant lyricist/songsmith….I’m tickled the same color as my boa down the hall….(that is almost a double entendre if you think about my last entry…except he’s green and my real boa is not green)

And I get to play with my friend, Kong, the dearest friend a guitar totin’ girl could ever wish to have. He’s smart, he’s kind, he can sail you across treetops in an air balloon, which he did years ago on my journey to Portland…Come to think of it, I was about around 5:00 am for that event, too…

I hope to see some of you there. I hope to dole out BIG HUGS (just like a Teletubby but I don’t speak gibberish…ok, some of you are questioning that…hey!) and HAPPY KISSES and may my voice be in top form and most of all, as my dear grandmother , Martha, used to tell me, “No matter what anyone says, always sing so people can understand the words. They want to understand…”

HERE IS MY LOVE LIST FOR TODAY (this is a new thing I am just making up because LOVE IS GOOD!!!)

1) PBS…does anything compare to the genius and in-depthness of PBSness? No, it does not…

2) oops, gotta go…Taxi just pulled up. TAXI’S ROCK!!!

More love later….Sending eternal joy

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  • David


    Seattle & Bonnie Raitt & you — what a treat! Rock on, girl!!

  • Hi Sarah. I am writing to tell you what an enormous thrill it was for me to meet you and have you sing “Fly Me to the Moon” with the Seattle Women’s Jazz Orchestra at Rockrgrl. I love the unexpected moments and the creativity which goes into being thrown into something on a whim. Your love of the improvisational and unexpected was evident, and your voice fits so well with a big band. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    If you ever come back to Seattle, we have a large house near the zoo and you would be welcome to stay with us whenever.

    Cheers—and thank you again.


  • Hi Sara!
    My husband Greg and I came to Seattle last night to see you, and we were so happy we did! You are an incredible talent! Both your voice and your guitar playing absolutely blew me away. I was literally moved to tears at times, which is something that just doesn’t happen to me when I’m out to hear live music. Thank you so much for your gifts.

    I am a fan and friend of Carl Finch, which is why I knew about you and wanted to come out and see you perform. But I also identify with you because of your independent spirit and because I am also a mother and a wife, and I know where your heart is.

    I hope you had a wonderful time in Seattle… We enjoyed having you here very much.

    Bless you —
    Margaret Wessel

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