Rode My Bike!/Shiny Object!/David King!

WHAT: Rode my bike from Barton Hills over to South Congress this a.m. for an early morning meeting with
the fantastic crew of SHINY OBJECT! I am LOVING the DVD we are working on..they are really doing a beautiful
job that will make many parents and their babies so happy spending time together, listening to music, dancing to
and watching sweet images. And so many surprises for so many people I love…I can not WAIT for this project to
bloom completely…

WHY: Rode my bike and burned almost 500 calories. I was dressed in a black and white striped turtleneck and
black pants, my white beret atop my free flowin’ hair. I was a mime on a mission! Working towards that 128,
that’s why…or did you forget that I am working with the incredible trainer…

WHO: David King!!! Who is coming today and will make me work my tushee off some more. This life change
has made me feel like a new woman, inside and out…which I shall be eternally grateful to DAVID KING of KING
FITNESS for the rest of my HEALTHY LIFE because…

WHEN: I sing now, I feel a depth, a strength, that hasn’t been there in so long…due to the years of being the
hardest, unknown act in the music industry, someone who has sung and spoken out and flown and driven and responded
and written and hollered from the hilltops, songs of love and sorrow and tiny things growing out of cracks in the sidewalks
and people who have died and people who have been born (physically/spiritually) and now I feel like…no matter what…
I’m at the core of my being. My strength of physical, spiritual, mental and heartfelt LOVE IS ON FIRE, people!
Watch out! Here I come! AN EXPLOSION OF CREATIVITY due to the fact that…

DOCTOR Marilyn Vache helped me learn how to sleep again. She kick started the health craze for me. She brought me
HOPE. She reminded me that I can live, fully, if I just get some ding-dang shut eye. I will be grateful to her, too…but,
wait….you know…

FAMILY AND FRIENDS really all make it happen. Without their graciousness, patience, humor and support, why I’d be
a goose lost on a desert plain. Or is it a dessert plain? Well, this is a good segue into how NOT having sugar in my
life has helped tremendously. So, thank you family! Thank you, friends! Thank you, Dr. Vache! Thank you, Dr. Smith,
for sending me to Dr. Vache! Thank you, Shiny Object! Thank you, Alan Luecke for supporting another dream of mine!
Thank you, Gene, for your love and support with this BLOG, the NEWSLETTER AND THE WEBSITE and your generousity
of time, spirit and financial backing. Thanks to David King who is getting me from 155 to 128 (I’m at 135) but, more
importantly, is teaching me to enjoy EXERCISE! And thanks to my mom and dad who brought me into the world 46 years
ago. I think it’s important to take a moment, here, and just say: mom and dad, thank you. Really. I know I was a handful
in my teen years. But, then, the divorce took it’s toll on all of us, and no one is to blame…and speaking of blame…

ABSENCE OF BLAME is flowing splendidly, thanks to having Mark Addison at the helm/multi-instruments, Scrappy Judd on guitars and various
instruments, Dony Wynn on the drums spectacular/assortment of weird ass fun stuff, and me—singer/songwriter, ideas
jumpin’ out of my head and intertwining with Mark’s genius and it’s all going to be the most special album. I plan to release it on
my birthday—March 1. KA-BLOOEY! JUMP BACK! LOOK OUT! Be forwarned.

This is all for now.
Off to paint for my show in December @ Lurleen’s home concert!

You know who

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  • Tricia Mitchell



    Sara, thank you for sharing all of that. I am so happy for you, and also in a similar bright new chapter myself.

    Let’s go ride bikes together! I’m off on mine now, to pick up by girl at preschool!


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