Romania Benefit

I’ve been involved with Romanian orphans since 1992.

I became involved because of an article I read in a Denver newspaper sitting in a Denver airport, waiting for a flight home to Dallas.
The article included the name of a woman who had recently visited Romania, and it compelled me to call her on the phone, right then and there. She came up to the airport and we discussed what it would entail to visit.

Over the last fourteen years, I have sent clothing, toys and money, and next Thursday (April 6) I am doing a show for women only at Curves on South Lamar…with proceeds going to the Tanner Romania Mission to help them finish building out a home for boys.

If you are a woman here in Austin, and you happen to reading this blog!, and you want to attend, call 444-4287…the party will start at 7-8:30 pm…We’ll have wine and munchies, music and heart.

Hope to see you there!

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