Sara’s Body Transformation Info for those asking

David King was my trainer. He came ONCE a week (he usually does twice a week),
and the best part is he comes to your HOME! Food wise, here is what I changed:
Eat six times a day instead of three…I upped my fiber and protein and water intake,
dropped sugar, fats, carbs. SO, a typical day for me is:

Morning snack: Fiber one cereal (1/2 cup)
with Light Silk (Soy milk) (1/4 cup)
5 oz. coffee
1/4 cup of Silk

Breakfast: Myoplex protein bar

Afternoon snack: Apple

Lunch: Salad with tuna (either lightly grilled tuna steak or tuna from a can…
no mayo, no nothin’!) Salad can be tomatoes, carrots, onions, brocolli, lettuce….

Afternoon snack: Protein bar

Dinner: Salad, black beans, salmon

Evening snack: Cup of decaf tea

I try to stick to 1100 calories a day. I am on CALORIE KING.COM and I
suggest you sign up for that as it makes keeping a food diary a breeze,
and it is rather addicting! It counts all the carbs/protein/fats/sugar/salts/etc
for you in everything you eat, and you can create a favorite list so you can
pull from that over and over, instead of having to look it up each time.

As David says, changing your body is 80% food, 20% workout. He was right.
He said I needed to change from the inside out. Then, he worked me out that
once a week for one hour hard…I’d burn 500 calories….sit ups, crunches, push ups,
boxing, and a variety of weights and other exercises. The rest of the week was up to me.
You can also record your exercise on Cal.King, too.

I wish you much love and joy in 2010, and you can transform yourself, too.
I have great faith and will keep you in my prayers, if you’d like….Just
let me know!

ALSO: I WILL post my New Year’s resolutions…just haven’t done it, yet! smile

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  • Tilman Müller


    And now some transformed menblabla: I just got a calorie-checker from my health insurance company. There are two sides on it, one about the nourishment and one on movement. The special thing on that side are the kind of movements that are mentioned. Beside sportive actions there are normal activities told like shopping or brushing your teeth -and also your calories lost on doing music! So here some of the dated stuff: your favorite sport should be jogging on this. If your weighting 70 kilogramm you loose 131 kilocalories in ten minutes. That is more then on Thai Bo (105 kcal), the second placed sport categorie in this rating! If you are shopping you loose much money -but only 41 kcal. But if you are going up some stairs with your new stuff it might be more then the normal 95 kcal on it. If you brush ten(!) minutes your teeth you have won only 29 kcal -and lost a tooth brush getting worn out-syndrom; even not a good argument for cleaning your teeth… But this calorie checker goes deeper on human behaviour even telling of kissing and having sex! If you want to loose calories -don’t waste your time with kissing. It is the lowest rank on this list with only 16 kcal! You thought good sex could secure you against taking time for sporting activities? That’s like foolishing yourself, giving you unexciting 49 kcal. Maybe that should lead to some unconventional urging actions… (like walking at having sex). I nearly forgot to tell you the intention on my posting, the calories on being a creative musician! I am sad to say you only lose 24 kcal on playing your guitar. Try to change to playing drums; that doubles your burn out syndroms! Now at last a strong advice for your BIRTHDAY-activities: don’t eat chocolate cake! If you concentrate on fruit cakes you can eat twice as much! And if you run away wide enough for having eaten the cake alone, you will also be honoured by holding your weight… Now it’s time to stop my writing. Computer work is the second worst activity with 19 kcal! The fast foot-checker // P.S. How far did you get with your body transformation? Are you so skinny now that you can count your bones? Or more into Missy Schwarzenegger? You should have done some photographies for documenting. Before and afterwards: getting hipp on the hips!

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