Seven Hundred Forty One Dollars

that is the amount of dollars you all contributed to the invisible children through my blogathon-a-thon.

thank you, one and all, for reading, supporting and helping out…

but…now…some not so lucky news about the flies, i must confess…

we have been fly-swappin’ them to feed to tiny tim and big tim, our two zipper spiders.

what’s up:
off to san jose tomorrow morning to celebrate Gene’s 40th birthday…and i will be appearing on KKUP (san jose) around 3:30ish on saturday
and KPIG (watsonville, CA) at 10 am on sunday morning. and we are going to the sanrio in san francisco…..THREE FLOORS and, hopefully, some keroppi. i miss him so.

the bangledesh concert last night was everything a night of music should be…darin murphy dressed as george harrison did—white suit, red shirt—and ben hotchkiss was an exacting david bowie…michael fracasso, will sexton, miles zuniga, billy harvey, trish murphy (she and i did a duet of “here comes the sun”) and so many others…there were women in saris and punjabis and people of all shapes and sizes and colors dancing to the beautiful music of ravi shankar, leon russell, the stones, etc.

i wish every night could uplift the world in love like last night. UNICEF was the recepient and the funds will go to help the George Harrison Fund (for Bangladesh, I think)


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  • thom


    Grrr…. I wish I’d known on Saturday that you all were planning to go to Sanrio in SF (or had you already done that before the party); I’d have loved to have joined you there.

    And I really wish I had taken a ride on that scooter with you.

    Been listening to Motherlode and especially Faithful Heart a lot this week to remind me of meeting you.

  • Steve


    Sara…what a positive vibe you eminate!!!

    I heard you on KPIG this morning, and I must say that you put a ray of sunshine on my morning. Seldom do I hear anyone speak or sing that seems so comfortable in their own skin.

    Keep up the good work Sara


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