Shaking with Anger: Wife Swap

Last night, I was finishing up some work when I realized Lance was in the Green Room (yes, all our rooms have names corresponding to their colors!) watching TV. He hadn’t been feeling well after being exposed to fiberglass particles (he’s seeming better today)…

I walked in, plopped down and curled up next to him on the sofa, right into the middle of a show called “Wife Swap”.
I’d never seen the show, although I’d seen commercials and heard about it through Lance…so, there I was, watching it.


I came in right as the wives were switching back to their life partners (husband/partner.) Right off the bat, my last sentence should be clueing you into something. Was your first thought:

Wife returns to husband
Other woman returns to partner

And, if so, were you, in your mind, picturing the unmarried woman returning to her MALE partner?

Well, that would be understandable. If that was your first thought, that would be quite normal. We live in a world that conditions us to expect only men and women should be couples…However, the second woman (Kristine?) was returning to her FEMALE partner.

I point this out because as the spouses were returning to their loved ones, the heterosexual couple was allowed to embrace and kiss. The lesbian couple, nervously, and joyfully, HUGGED on camera. It was VERY OBVIOUS they had been told NOT TO KISS. I was not suprised, but I was outraged, I tell you.

I could FEEL (empathize) how hard that denial of a kiss was for these two women, these two women who obviously LOVE ONE ANOTHER, to not to be able to do what was natural for them: demonstrate their affection
after a week long seperation (is it a week? I didn’t catch that for sure…just guessing there.)

I find it completely idiotic that ABC would have a lesbian couple on their show AND THEN NOT ALLOW THEM TO BE THEMSELVES. But…like I said, I am not surprised. I can only ASSUME that the true INTENT of ABC was not to expose the general public to a seemingly loving couple, but to create controversy and raise MORE REVENUE through advertising dollars and viewer curiousity.


THIS COULD ACTUALLY BE A GOOD SHOW, in theory, BUT SEEMS TO, once again, BE ALL ABOUT SOME CEO’s MAKING RIDICULOUS AMOUNTS OF MONEY while leaving everyone else in the dirt. (None of the people who agree to do the show are paid for their time, yet people continue to sign up to do these shows. Scratch your head with me here. We might as well be adding all these CEOs to our pay checks and just send the money directly to them because THAT IS WHAT THE AMERICAN PUBLIC IS DOING…which reminds me to rant later about GAMBLING!!!)

LET ME MAKE NOTE HERE for everyone THAT I DID NOT SEE the entire show so, of course, I would like to see the entire show so I can RETURN TO MY BLOG and write even more rantings. Plus, I know…it is inappropriate to rant about something that was witnessed for only a few minutes but IT IS APPROPRIATE to say that I believe I am justified, and, until the HOMELAND SECURITY folks come DRAG ME AWAY, I shall CONTINUE TO WRITE ABOUT THINGS, IDEAS and PEOPLE that are unbelievably ASSININE.

And what about the other couple, you ask?

Oh, Lord. Let me say this…

I need more time. Because right now it is time to make sack lunches and eat breakfast with my children and post my daily writings concerning the “Purpose Driven Life” for my Sunday School class and brush my teeth and go shoot a commercial with Kelly Willis for our Austin Symphony show and also remind anyone reading this blog that I will be performing this :

Sara with her Super Pal Universe Band (Eddy, Zirkel from ZImbabwe and Sugar Pants (the drummer))
10:30 til whenever

COME LOVE AND DANCE AND GIGGLE AND CELEBRATE Valentine’s with us…because we will take you there!

Ok, so a short synopsis of the other woman (what I gathered in the ten minutes of show I saw):

Her name was Kris
She was a fanatical Christian
She was probably around my age (42?)
She was upset and angry
She was African American (the other woman was Anglo-American…I say that cuz I am tired of “white” and “African American”…if we are going to label people to describe their ethnicity, then lets give all people labels…or just describe their skin tone…which, for example, I am yellow, not white. Except for my face, which is slightly ruddy. So I would be a ruddy-yellow and the women on the show were seashell white and cocoa brown.)
She was married to a skylight matte pearl man

Which reminds me, Kristine, who was seashell white, her partner was more of a baby ear pink, but that might be because she was angry, too (with good reason, by the way).

OK! SO I will write more about what occurred on this show later because YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE IT. Oh, yes, you will. Silly me.

Now go get involved.


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  • Bill Detty


    “Wife Swap” is usually entertaining in an exploitive, guilty-pleasure kind of way, This episode was all guilt and no pleasure for me.

    I felt terrible for the lesbian partners as Kris expressed her opinions, but at the same time I was mad at them for not simply saying “How dare you say those hateful things.” Serious arguments deserve a serious response, but Kris’s inflammatory statements required only a sharp, firm, indignant dismissal.

    [Full disclosure: I’m a partnered gay man who’d marry his partner in an instant if I could. And my sympathies with the lesbian couple were sharpened by the fact that they live in Phoenix. Ron and I used to live there–to judge from the appearance of their house, quite near where they live. Anyway, I’ve been told (although not by a lawyer, and I’m not quite sure I believe it) that in Arizona it’s not enough to make your will out in favor of your same-sex partner because the weight of legal precedent in Arizona favors your family if they care to challenge your will–so you have to take extra measures which of course cost extra money.

    Earlier in the episode Kris sneered at Nicki to the effect that she wanted only the economic benefits of marriage. Like THAT’s not important?

    I’m looking forward to seeing what else you have to say about this show; I’m glad to see straight people as irate as I am about it.

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