S’More Event Last Night/Homeless Sunrise Service This Morning

Gave my family hugs and kisses last night, and headed out in the dark towards Spicewood, Tx to Camp Texlake where I
enjoyed a delicious meal (courtesy of a terrific adult Girl Scout) that included grilled portabella mushrooms, a fantastic
creamey, cheesy sweet potato and carrot casserole and a side of steamed asparagus. The starter was a cranberry, goat cheese
and spinach salad. The ending was a chocolatey, gooey marshmallowy looking yummy thing that I took one bite of and
had to smile…there was a long stick with three miniature marshamallows that we were encouraged to toast over the candles
on our tables. I felt like I was roasting a tiny Snowman. He was impeccably tasty! wink All the ladies were drinking wine
or chocolate martinis! Whoo!

I saw beautiful art and jewelry on display for the women to purchase with 20% of all sales going to the Girl Scouts of Central
Texas. You see, this was a fundraiser by fabulous women for fabulous women to raise awareness and money for Girl Scouts…
22, 000 Girl Scouts! And I was the entertainment…a sing-a-long with Sara ’round the campfire…which, gratefully,
we held inside next to a HUGE fireplace…we sang Beatles and James Taylor and Rolling Stones and Carly Simon and
Eagles and Aretha Franklin, Joni Mitchell, John Denver, Partridge Family, Girl Scout camp songs, Jim Croce, Barbara Striesand
and all SORTS of songs…! It was HILARIOUS and touching…at one point, I almost starting bawling on “You Make Me Feel Like
A Natural Woman” when all the women were standing, arms around one another, singing their hearts out, free hands raised and
waving in the air…Bee-yoo-ti-ful! I hope I get to do this AGAIN!!!! Total blast, total love…

PLUS! AND THIS IS BONUS MATERIAL!!!! My girls’ peditrician, Dr. Elaine Hamilton ((512) 327-1177), was
SITTING IN A CHAIR right ACROSS from me for the whole sing-a-long and what a treat THAT was cuz I’ve always thought,
“Gosh, Dr. Hamilton is SOOOO cool…I wish we could be friends…” cuz you know how your doctor, when you really like them,
is sort of, like, a demi-god or something? Well, there we were, singing at the top of our lungs, and when I’d forget a lyric,
I’d look over at Dr. Hamilton and she’d KNOW THE WORDS!!! How INCREDIBLY COOL IS SHE!?
Yep, and THEN….then!…get THIS!…she says, “I really want to carry your guitars out to the car!” NO FREAKIN’ WAY!
I was like, “Are you sure?…They are really heavy…So nice of you to ask, but…” and she was like, “I am carrying these guitars!”
And, wow….She did and it was such a help and then we hug and now I’m FRIENDS WITH MY DOCTOR!!!! Righteous!
Yea….and, then, she goes, “Well, I think I’ll walk down to the dock and watch the stars…” And, wow. Off she goes,
in the dark, WITHOUT A FLASHLIGHT through the woods and I’m thinking,

“She’s not only smart and STRONG but FEARLESS, too. Kick-ass!”

Ok, hopped in my car, listened to some major rock music on the way home (Incubus…The Killers…) and it was, oh,
I don’t know…11:30ish…Lance came out and helped me carry the guitars in…I was falling asleep, but then we sat on
the couch and watched Beyonce….did anyone else see those outfits? Huh?….barmaids on steroids with some
serious head-jammin’ and an ALL FEMALE BAND! WOW! And Paul Rudd. Could he be
more charming?

Went to bed. Did not sleep a wink.

More when I get back about this morning….off to see “Quantam of Solace” with Lance and Lily….whoo-hoo!
Daniel Craig….BEST JAMES BOND EVAH!!!!!!

You know who

P.S. Grateful my lettuce did not freeze in the freeze last night! Thank you, Lettuce God of the Garden
for watching over my fragile friends!

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