softball, coffee, little white fish

the girls and i were playing ball in the front yard tonight…boy, can they hit that ball with a bat like no body’s business! it’s so much fun to show them how to stand, how to watch the ball, how to encourage someone else at bat with kind, enthusiastic cheering, and how to SUH-WING!!! c-c-rack! always exciting, that sound of the bat connecting with the ball. why is that? is it the fulfillment of a wish come true? how is it entire stadiums of strangers roar to life and rise to their feet when a ball is flying over the back wall…why does a homerun bring such joy?

i had coffee with my friend, karen, this morning and i told her bar stools are like high chairs…everyone wants to sit in a bar stool because it feeds some internal memory of being served as a child. and isn’t it true? you sit at a bar, you get served! except instead of puddings and pureed prunes you get a nice cold tall one, or some tapas. mmm!

then, when lance got home, after a dinner of sloppy joes, he put the sprinkler high up in our giant sycamore tree and turned on the hose…it was like a tree shower! the girls were running around hooting and hollering and soaking wet.

now, i have just flushed a little creature, our white guppy, down the commode. she had a happy life. she was one of the fish that just loved to cozy up to the glass when you tapped on it, or come up to the surface when you lifted the lid and gaily nibble on your fingertips. she had this shimmy shimmy coco pa when she would swim. so carefree. last week, she had started shimmieing down by the red rocks, next to the glow in the dark castle, and we could tell she was getting weak…but she still valiantly swam to the top for breakfast and dinner. always full of glee, that little snowball with fins.

this was a good day. yesterday there was a miracle. today was followed by another one. they are simple to us, but complicated to share.

i have faith that god will surprise me when i step off the plane in florida tomorrow…lily and i are going to disneyworld for a mother/daughter weekend. we plan on laughing and laughing and snoring the nights away.

hopefully, lance’s father will go back to rehab tomorrow. let’s pray.


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