Super Pal Universe Studio Sunday!!!

We worked at Tequila Mockingbird with my longtime co-hort, Marty Lester, and recorded FOUR SONGS today, and man oh man, the kids did SO GREAT!!!

The jams were jamariffic! The tunes were tuna-licious! The vibe was hard workin’ energy phenomenalistic!

Yes, this will be a day in infamy for what is to come. Took lots of pics and video footage.

Thanks to Boris, Sam, Riff, Nadia and Julee for bringing it all home and starting this cd off with a BANG!

And Marty…thanks for being so cool….everyone was laughing and filming and running around and then things would lose energy and the kids would drink some Coca-Cola and WHAMMO!
Energy spasmatronola and music blasting out the Genelecs, baby!

Ok, tired now.


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