“Sweet Songs”, produced by yours truly, to bring you and your families JUBILATION & RELAXATION!

WHAT IS “SWEET SONGS”? A cool project brought to my attention by a great mom and terrific woman, Monica Cravotta. She asked me to produce herself and 8 other women. Here’s what I have to say about the album:

Nothing’s more rewarding than to work with such a diverse group of loving friends, who happen to be talented musicians, with 2/3 of them mothers, as well. In producing this album, I tried to bring out the natural beauty of each woman’s unique abilities, blending their voices and styles with instruments, sounds and ideas that would engage children and parents to dance, laugh, sing and relax together. Childhood passes quickly, especially in a world full of technology and distractions—so, I promise this collection of songs will make the days pass more slowly, in such a way that families can enjoy being present with one another, while building happy memories. That’s what each of these songs will bring to your home—the opportunity to have tender, cheerful, sacred time together. Enjoy!

Sara Hickman
Producer, “Sweet Songs”

VISIT www.austinsweetsongs.com for tickets to the May 9 live show, and for info on how to purchase the cd

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