Tequila on the Tip of the Tongue: LIVE POOR DAVID’S TAPING…but wait! There’s MORE!!!

The crowd was so quiet, I thought, “Crud! What’s wrong?” but then when I asked, someone yelled out, “We’re trying to be quiet!” And I was dumbstruck!
Of course! Only my audience would be THAT considerate!!! So, I had to say, “No, no! You’re SUPPOSED to be here! You’re SUPPOSED to react!” and then things
got under way. Cuz I messed up “Living In Quiet Desperation” by going to an F# instead of the F, and I think I might have saved that nano-second, but in my artistic mind, of course, I was SUNK, and after that sung, I fessed up to messin’ up, which, of course, then turned into a comical farce because I realized my new guitar teacher, who shall remain nameless until he gives me the thumbs up to announce him to the world, was sitting DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF ME, and then I just went into Carol Burnett meets Robin Williams mode and COULD NOT GET OUT OF IT, especially when that Wisconsin couple starting channeling through my mouth! Where do they COME FROM? How do they get into MY BRAIN like that? I could NOT stop talking like I was from Wisconsin! By then, we were all giddy and I started heckling my teacher and introduced him as Henry Higgins and immediately burst into “Just you wait Henry Higgins….Just you waaaaaaaaait!” in my best English flower girl accent, but that turned into Shakespearean Old English and I just could not turn the pony around! We played two and a half hours, I think. So, let’s see. That would be three songs recorded live and 800 minutes of my incessant babbling about politics, sex, the state of my bra, old boyfriends, you name it. I said it. All on tape (and film.) Ok, you have an idea of what is headed down the pike towards you at 600 miles an hour! Of course we’ll edit! Thanks to Kristin for hanging on and letting me tell her what I needed to tell her after that miniscule tongue touch to the tequila (I hadn’t eaten since two, and let me tell you, who wants Tequila on an empty stomach? Maybe John Wayne, but alrighty then, I’m not the man!) Secrets on stage rule! Girls gotta have fun when they are the only two up there jammn’ out the jams for the masses!

Thanks to all the life long friends, new fans and happy faces. It was a kickiddy- assidy show!

Ok, Greg and Kim. What can I say? Here, I’ll say it. They rule. I mean, just hand over that first prize ribbon right now! Yes, that one. The one you’ve been hoarding.
Give it up, I say! Give it to the Kolanowskis cause they totally treated me like I was Chrissy Hynde. Or Babs. Or some singer that would expect to be given the red carpet treatment. I’m used to Astroturf, and hey! I’m fine with that. No need to mow!

But as I walked into this amazing home concert… voila! I was in tears in about two minutes because Greg and Kim had made a SPACE for me. A backdrop, a big comfy chair, a side table replete with lamp and an authentic, handmade tiger tea cup!… and a stool….and lighting, filtered so I would have just the right glow, and rows and rows and rows and oh my gosh who knows how many rows of black seats, all lined up in a half moon with an AISLE. I was expecting a bevvy of ushers to pop out at any moment. It all felt so… classy….! And I thought, “Wow. This feels GOOD. This feels RIGHT!” And even though my head was full of cedar fever and swollen membranes, I gave my all, best I could, because I really loved the care and thought that went into their presentation of….me! Perhaps I’ll call my next cd, “Red Carpet Treatment” cuz, hmm, now I like it!
No, no, I’ll call it “The Day The Kolanowskis Brought Me Home From The Zoo.”

I liked it so very much that I suggested a five night house concert run this summer, a house concert TOUR, if you will, of the concert series in Houston. Bruce’s Loft, Rouse House, the Kolanowskis, and two others.

The audience was awesome. The food was first rate. The time spent with Zac, the K’s nephew, after the show was just terrific. Zac is a fifteen year old bagpipe/guitarplaying/unicycle riding kid who has big, smart eyes and a wicked smile that makes you think he might eat your cake if you turn your head
for twenty seconds! What a nice guy. We sat on the set and he played guitar and I made up songs and I said, “Hey, you’re like Jack in the White Stripes and I’m like Loretta Lynn!” I’ll see if I can post the vid that Greg took of these magical moments.

I am off to do a surprise baby shower and then hitting the road to run to the airport to get on a plane to D.C. for a private show for Josh Cohen (awesome…he and the Kolanowskis should meet!) and then Jammin’ Java on Monday night. Please come out, if you live in the D.C. area. I promise to kick it. To be in high gear. To sing like a songbird. To hug you. To pick that lint off your sweater.

There is so much going on here my head is spinning. I will try to write about all the wondrous stuff these kids are up to, but suffice it to say that Marty is the best friend a woman could ever hope to have cuz he is engineering this record, and thank God for Joe McDermott for being music director…but mostly thanks to the kids for forming this band and wanting to make a cd and for working hard towards the pilot and for my not exploding into 7200000 fragments of joy! Not yet, anyway!

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  • What a show! Linda and I had a great time and the show will make a great DVD. Many, many great songs were sung, stories were told, love was shared. Thanks Sara for almost 20 years of love, friendship and music, beautiful music!

  • BigJim


    See, we were quiet because we were PAYING ATTENTION smile

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