Texas Coalition Against the Death Penalty

Hello, Everyone…

I recognize that the death penalty is one of the most intense problems we have as a nation, and most particularly, in the state of Texas.
When the Texas Coalition Against the Death Penalty approached me about helping them increase their visibility, I made a suggestion of a statewide dialogue. Thus, “Music For Life” was born.

I have agreed to perform a 12 month tour across the state of Texas to help increase awareness about the death penalty as well as raise funds for TCADP. The year long tour is called “Music For Life” and will begin October 3 in Austin at the First United Methodist Church, across from the state capitol. Once a month, during the tour, I will visit a different city in Texas, and plan to be joined by other performers as well as individuals who will provide their personal thoughts about the death penalty.

In addition to Austin , the “Music for Life” tour will also appear in: Dallas , Ft Worth, San Antonio , Corpus Christi , Houston , San Angelo , El Paso , Huntsville , Lubbock , and Bryan/College Station. The schedule is being developed right now and I will let you know when it is completed.

We have several ideas to highlight the tour and provide maximum exposure for it. These include such things as commemorative posters, commemorative wrist bands, creation of a tour DVD that will be available for purchase at the end of the tour, and commemorative T-shirts. We see this as a great opportunity to make more people aware of the death penalty in the state of Texas as well as an opportunity to support TCADP.

In an endeavor such as this, we also need help. In particular, if you have talents in creating DVDs, we can use your expertise. We need someone to volunteer to film in each city because we want to have a one hour DVD by the end of the tour that shows people talking about their various feelings concerning the death penalty—against, for, confused, whatever…we just want to get people talking, to start the dialogue! We also will need help in promoting the tour across the state, so if you have experience and knowledge about advertising or are working in the media industry, we need you! Or, if you just want to volunteer or get involved, please call (512-258-6480), or send an email. We can use your talents!

We are open to any ideas or thoughts as to how we can take maximum advantage of this great opportunity. Please contact Bob Van Steenburg, Vice President of TCADP, at 512-258-6480, or you can email him at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Thank you, and come join the discussion.

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  • Shawna


    I love your passion and the way you actually ‘do’ something to support your beliefs. I know we don’t always agree, but I LOVE your passion. Your words are never empty.

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