Texas Parent 2 Parent….

In 2008, I was invited to perform at a gathering called Texas Parent to Parent. Having done music therapy for many years, I knew that I would be singing for children with challenges, amd their parents, and others who supported both. But little did I know how much I would fall in love with the entire room!

Yes, each child was special and unique, not because they had disabilities or intriguing physical features, but because they were all so positive that they were awesome kids. And the parents blew me away with the level of joy, deep commitment, love and passion for bringing the best to their child. Everyone was talking; everyone was listening. It was an engaging place to be! After performing, I knew I had to write a song for TxP2P because I wanted others to know about how spectacular these children and their families are; that they are unique, shining stars and deserve our time, efforts and resources because they are giving so much of themselves to one another on a daily basis.

There is an unbreakable spirit that you can witness by volunteering, or becoming a financial resource for this group. I believe in many causes, but TxP2P has certainly delivered what it promises—programs, information and community for families with stresses and routines some of us may never know. And I say: THANK GOD for this group! So, come celebrate and cheer the spirited love of TxP2P.


In Grace and Gratitude,
Sara Hickman
2010-2011 Official State Musician of Texas

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