the danger of putting people in boxes with names

i think it is dangerous to split people into groups of
those who give and those who do not give based on
politics/wealth. albeit there are “facts” based on
polls, i’m sure, and people now say that austin is 48
out of 50 in giving, i say let’s not lose sight that
there seems to be a growing movement to give/share,
even if only in 2 % of those people… at least that
is what i see, and perhaps, yes, i am surrounded by
folks who have the same philosophy of love and life as

i think it is best to start thinking of how people
and distracting from /discouraging the idea of
seva/giving as a way of living.

true giving is like breathing. it is not a thought, it
is an action that creates thoughtfulness.

i wish christmas, for example, was celebrated around
the real birth of christ—in the summer—-and that
instead of raising children to expect to GET, they
were raised with the thought of action to GIVE.

how beautiful to rise on the day of christ’s birth on
a sunny summer day and hear children say, “i’m so
excited! i can’t wait to go serve the homeless….” or
sing for the elderly, or mow a neighbor’s lawn or
whatever kind act that would extend outward to giving.

i just use christianity here as an example because it
is the religion i was brought up in and still adhere

and i still hope that eyes and hearts can be opened to
the here and now of really SEEING what needs to be
seen and giving what needs to be given….not only in
christianity, but in all religions where ever there
is a need for understanding, growth or compassion.

i have great faith in humanity. i will hold on to the
hope that
we can all one day be a brother and sisterhood of
man….by practicing what we preach…as individuals,
as collectives and as societies….


3 Comments on “the danger of putting people in boxes with names”

  • Eddard


    Amen and Amen

  • Holly


    Once again, Sara communicates to all what I say to myself, only her words sound like eloquent prose. I, too, feel a positive change under our feet, and I only hope that it gains momentum, with each of us, as we gain insight into ourselves and our world community.

  • a-dog


    any change of lasting importance begins in the heart of the individual. Sara knows this and does her part to be that individual who manifests charity and compassion. If we ALL began to be as mindful as we possibly can about the need for goodwill, charity, and respect for the beliefs of others, the world WOULD change for the better, and quickly. As with other physical aspects in nature, human consciousness must reach a critical mass in this regard, and once it is reached, there will be no more wars, and the enrrmous wealth of the planet will become more evenly distributed so that poverty and hunger among the masses will be a thing of the past.

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