The Forty-First Year

I blew out my throat. It was on fire, it hurt so bad. But, it was my birthday.
I was going to drive to Corpus Christi with my dear, dear Nina. There was no way I was letting those folks at the Burning Bush down! Onward!

Nina and I had the best time laughing in the car. Nothing is better than a trip
with a friend. No phones (ok, we did have cell phones), no t.v. (that’s the truth), lots of snacking, yelling at cows (“Hi, Girls!”), screaming with delight when we first saw the ocean.

The show was fun. I sounded like Kojak when I was talking (or Cannon…or Mannix…or Barney Miller…I sounded like a gruff, seventies tv police personality, is what I think I am alluding to!)…but my singing was pretty ok…I hit some clunkers, but the audience didn’t throw anything…and they could have! There was a big sheet cake they surprised me with, complete with candles! GOD BLESS CORPUS CHRISTI!

We stayed with Judi and Wayne. If you have never stayed with Judi and Wayne, well, you have never stayed with Judi and Wayne, and I am sorry for that.
I feel like their home sweet home is a cross between Frodo’s friendly
domed home and the ultimate B & B. Warm, inviting, interesting, and a bundle of love. Judi always has some surprises waiting…my name (it would be your name if you were telling this story) hand written on a beautiful card to signify where my towels hang in the bathroom; my name, again handwritten in beautiful calligraphy, on a tray with a pencil, matching writing pad and vase full of lovely flowers, all nestled on the top of my bed. Little chairs in a window sill, each one dedicated to a past guest, their name attached with tiny string and tiny cards to signify who the chair represents. My chair has a red heart!

And, of course, there is FOOD! Yumola! Nina and I had cake (because she had somehow sneaked four chocolate cupcakes in the car, unseen by me, Snack Queen), with Wayne and Judi…and we had more food. Food, food, food. It is a
time to enjoy friendship around the table and tell stories and try a nibble of this and a dip of that. Judi even topped it off with a cake made completely of
carnations! No, we didn’t eat that.

Happy Birthday! Someone out there is turning 41, too, and I say: this is our year! Go team 41!!!

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  • Francis


    Wahoo, I am foooorrrrttttyyyy-ONE, too!

    Love on Sara and her family and friends!


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