The Raptor Center Benefit

Hi, all!

I’m in a funky little hotel near the L.A. airport. The
carpet is a bit damp, but you know what? We’re in L.A.
and always fun to come to this crazy town!

Yesterday, we played in Ojai for the Ojai Raptor
Center, and wow! The birds were so beautiful…owls,
falcons, turkey buzzards and a bald eagle (blind in
the right eye) named Juneo that will spend the rest of
it’s life in captivity due to it’s scarring. The eagle
was brought up on stage by it’s handler at the end of
“We Are Each Others’ Angels” and spread her beautiful
wings…The property the event was held on was
breathtaking…a view of the mountains, trees, a pool
with robotic fish swimming gracefully back and forth,
friendly folks, lots of wonderful goodies for the
silent auction, a funny comedian named Cary and Judge
Joe Brown (from a tv show?) who auctioned off the
items for the live bidding. Neat folks, much fun. I
hope they raised a ton of funding for these astounding

I wish more people could get involved in hands-on or helping out by bartering with humanitarian/arts/animal organizations. Money is always beneficial, but when you see how many volunteers pitch in with certain organizations, you know that that sort of passion is really what creates the change and keeps the group alive. (Much like all
the foster “parents” and handlers for those birds…or mentors for children in schools…or mentors for
prison inmates…or people willing to go abroad and help build homes, churches, schools, teach , work on building gardens and small businesses to help

I know for sure that Amnesty International could not be as powerful as it is without all of us pitching in
to write letters. Many times the letters have helped to free prisoners that would have languished, perished
or continued in a cycle of torture without the pressure of thousands of letters appearing in protest. Money, like I said, is beneficial, but the power of people can not be understated.

Ok, gotta go….Sending gratitude to all of you for
the support you share.


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