To Everyone and Anyone who is reading my blog…..

To Everyone and Anyone who is reading my blog…..

My kind and good friend, Nahid Khataw, sent me the following urgent plea. I ask that you please take a moment to let your concern be known. Contacts are provided below.
Bless you, and may all people around the world be free of oppression, tyranny and violence.


Dear Friends:

Sheikh Safdar Razi (previous Imam of Al-Mehdi Center – Islamic Ahlul Bayt Association) has been detained by the INS since early this week. This happened to the great surprise of his lawyer while they were expecting a decision on his application for asylum and who asked that we contact the media and politicians on his behalf. Legal efforts are continuing in the hope that Sheikh will be released and granted the relief he and his family deserves. What we can do however, is to contact our respective elected federal representatives.

Therefore we are asking ours friends to contact his/her U.S. Reprsentative and Senators with the request that they contact the INS about Sheikh’s case. The letter should be simple since there should be great care taken to not misrepresent any facts. We want the representative to let the INS know that they are watching. Attached is the sample of the letter.

Contact info:

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R- TX)



Senator John Cornyn (R- TX)




Representative Lloyd Doggett (D – 25)



Thank you for your help!


Nahid Khataw

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