Today’s The Day for Ellen to know….

…that yesterday Jeff Goldblum got 15 new crickets in his cage.
…that I finished cleaning house so I can go hang with some friends over breakfast and laughter this morning.
…that my head cold is starting to feel less like camb snod and soon i will, hopefully, be breathing normally, again.
…that i am working hard on so many projects to further champion “MOTHERLODE’S” cd release, my head is starting to spin.
…that i will be referring to eugene ionesco at the end of this entry!!!

yesterday, teresa, my lovely assistant, and i had to hold back tears cuz there is only the two of us and we really believe in this album and we try to keep on top of the workload, but good golly miss molly! how can one little label have so much to do….! i am NOT complaining because teresa and i love what we do, there’s just days where we look at each other and need to stop and have a donut but we don’t because then we will get really behind (and feel hyper, followed by the intense desire to nap, from the donut fest.)

so, my goal is to have this album:

pay back the investors (first thing)

buy my baby a new pair of shoes (baby? what? what baby? is she having a baby?! no, no, calm down. i just was saying i could buy
EVERYONE in the family some new shoes so no more shuffling to school in bare feet…what?! BAREFEET!? no, no, we all have shoes. everything is fine. really!)

continue to help the causes i believe in and make the world shine and revel in healing instead of being downtrodden

this is all for today!


no, no, this is not all…i must write more… because the day has been so great i have to share more about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you know, ellen, if you lived down the street, i swear we would be toilet papering someone’s house late at night. i just think that could happen.


i have to put this quote in here that my friend, tricia mitchell, sent to me after she found out i had written a song about my great-great-oh-so-great grandparents (john and abigail adams)…i can’t remember if i told you this, but they were the first to move into the unfinished white house….and tricia wrote me to say that john adams said:

“people and nations are forged in the fires of adversity!”

isn’t that intense? i love it!

so, tricia says i should quote that liberally, every chance i get. she says next time someone says,

“how are you today, sara?”

i could respond, “oh, well, i’m doing alright, but i’m a little down. but, you know, people and nations are forged in the fires of adversity, old grandpop used to say.”

ha ha ha!!! i love it.

…since i last wrote (this morning), i went to two SUP-AH meetings: one with a group of very intelligent, thought provoking folks talking about spirituality from all walks of life: b’hai, jewish, christian, buddhist, catholic, muslim….yowza! it was really a great way to start the morning…

…and, then, while i was at the gathering, i had an idea on how to solve a problem i’ve been having over the new artwork for MOTHERLODE. i realized i need to place three simple words on the cover:


do you see? do you see how people in this country need to start talking about so many issues, including women’s rights, sexuality,
death, AIDS, spousal abuse, spirituality, child welfare, homelessness, parenting, cell phones, DVD players in cars (i’m so against this…but, that’s me! see, we could talk about it!), animal rights, gay rights, taxes, laughter, fear, books….you name it. let’s just get informal and formal groups to meet, oh, every tuesday (or whatever is convenient for the entire united states!!!) and people around the country pick a topic and really DIG IN and explore what is causing so much FEAR.


let the conversations begin!!!!

THEME MUSIC FOR “START THE DIALOGUE” starts here….swells into a giant wave of emotion, applause, lights up…the hostess walks to the comfy chair in the middle of the stage, with her guests in tow, everyone takes a seat. it is a conversation in the round.
the audience participates in the dialogue.

ok…then from this meeting, i went to FOODHEADS and ate some yummy lunch with my husband, teresa, and members of cartis group to discuss the new concept of adding the words to the cd cover.

SUCCESS!!! everyone was elated and we all could see bumperstickers everywhere:


…a return to conversation.

ok, i am getting up to go have a tea party with iolana and her friend, anna mae.


while sitting on the sofa, i was treated to a royal performance of the two girls, neon scarves, marching, singing, a bouncing eyeball,
songs of scary monsters, insight into five year olds likes about the crazy and not crazy boys in their classrooms, butter crackers, screaming yellow zonkers (the flavored popcorn that is so delicious), hot tea with cream and sugar. lucky, the dog, was lazily upside down in my lap, watching the festivities while i lazily scratched her tummy and giggled to the antics. i was informed THERE WAS TO BE NO TALKING during the performance, only mime and dance and i could ask questions and i could sing along (except everything was being made up on the spot, especially when anna mae grabbed a drum and said firecrackers were exploding and little feet would be popping (you just go with it!) and iolana started chanting, “clean up on aisle 3!!!” then it was suddenly air guitars and changing of the names: iolana was now “kristina” and anna mae was suddenly “kate”. hmm. if i had had the opportunity to change my name, if would have been TRIXIE BELDEN because she was the coolest girl in the world when i was young. of course, my mom was always telling me someday i’d grow up and be GLAD my name wasn’t “trixie”, but i liked it cuz it rhymed with “pixie” and trixie was a tomboy and she wasn’t afraid of ANYTHING or ANYBODY and she never had to wear shoes!

it reminded me of college, when i was in a performance of “the bald sopranos” by eugene ionesco. i stood on a chair and got to make up a song about anything i wanted. and i didn’t have to wear shoes! that so rocked!

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  • Happy Birthday, Sara …

    May you continue to know
    love, light, & laughter.

    — BobL

  • Delia


    “Well behave women seldom make history”. I just heard this saying for the first time last week from a cafepress promo and then I saw it at our gathering at the Well Being center in Lindale with our creative living friends…

  • gurdonark


    I know that any indie experience involves a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and delightful absurdity.

    Yet I think of the many great things you’ve done from an indie standpoint. I still think that “Last Night was a Big Rain” is one of the very best songs of its type by anyone, anywhere. Was it the product of some massive corporation?
    No. It was your work at Denton on a label which occupied certainly no more than four dots in the grand punctuation of life. I think of all the great songs I’ve heard you perform at various concerts in my 20s and 30s, each hand-crafted, and every one of them better than the ways they were remolded by your large corporate record labels.

    I think of the way in which your own voice is so much more interesting than “adult oriented rock” or “radio ready pop”. Thank Heaven for the internet, because it means that voices like yours may be heard and not just mixed and reverbed beyond recognition and one day sold back to artists as discontinued masters.

    So hang in there, because you work on the side of the angels. I was just trying to hunt if you had a myspace, as its bulletin feature is the handiest way to keep up with who is playing where, and it’s been years upon years since I’ve seen your show.

    I’m glad to hear there’s a new double CD on the way, and I’m eager for your DIY enthusiasm to translate into hope, dreams, and even new shoes.

    I like to remix songs at from time to time. If you ever want to post an a capella there, I can all but guarantee you that it would get a vigorous remix. But in the meantime, best wishes with your new work, and remember, people like you. Next time you’re in the DFW area, I hope my wife and I can go see your show.

    who records as gurdonark

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