What Am I Doing

Reading “The Muslim World” by Colin Turner, Sutton Pocket Histories. Verrrry interesting.
About to walk up to school with Lucky Dog to see how Lily and io’s first day back was!
Ate some chips, looked at GQ’s “Music and Fashion” bonus mag they just sent out with Lance’s GQ
Had a two hour vocal lesson today with Mady Kaye who said this:
“Talk like you’re singing, sing like you’re talking” (quote anonymous)
Her husband, Paul Spikes, said “Yawning is sending your throat a valentine.”

Love both those quotes!
Going on KGSR at 9 am tomorrow morning to talk about the GirlStart event on next Thursday night (not this Thursday)
Following all the guidelines of the sleep medicine trial I am on.
Trying to finish up a recording of “Last Man In the Water”

Wanting to put out a live cd recording (mish mash of a bunch of different venues? or one long show from one venue?)
Getting ready for ACL Fest
Sending kisses out into a bruised world

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  • Hope you are sleeping better.

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