What Has Been Going On Round Here

walked with the girls up to 7-11 and got Squishees

the rain keeps falling down and has come into our house…again…

practiced the last two days with five teens for Super Pal Universe at the Music Lab…we are writing music for the show, for ACL Fest, for…working with james mays, who is helping out as our musical director. i’ve been playing electric guitar and giving feedback, but mostly, james and i are trying to let the kids work up their own ideas.

prepping for my speaking engagement on saturday in college station

rehearsal tonight for ACL with lorrie and kristin

shopping with lily in the mall for new shirts and we had a blast…last night, we went to have gelatto…it was sweet and cold…i had dulce de leche, she had chocolate

iolana, lily and i have been laughing over nothing a lot lately…wrestling and tussling and being silly girls.

reading: we’ve been facilating between reading the bible and “each little bird that sings”…we are up to kings in the bible. it is numbing with all these crazy names, but we are hanging in there and excited about almost getting to the new testament.

cleaning out my closet

working out at curves. i have lost four pounds.

almost closed on the deal to buy my masters back from shanachie! i am very, very excited about this! i will own “spiritual appliances” and “two kinds of laughter”!!!!!!!!

working hard on the TCADP “music for life” tour…trying to find musicians who will perform on each of the twelve events…so far, barbara k, shelley king and trish murphy have said yes to helping out. we had a meeting yesterday with all the principals about filming the events, making a documentary, the cities we will be visiting to discuss the death penalty issue and perform music….

my cat threw up on the kitchen floor while i was making malt-o-meal this morning. i felt sad for her, she is 16 years old and so brittle. i gave her a hug and cleaned it all up. i wish she could eat some malt-o-meal. it makes everything seem so much better. she is sleeping in lily’s room, safe from the dreary rain.

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  • Thanks, Sara! We love you and miss you already. It was SO MUCH FUN playing with you at Folk ‘n’ Great Music. You and Kristin were a thrill to watch and hear, and Dawn and I are schrumpling without our new friends!

    Smiles and giggles,
    Glen and Dawn

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