What you give, not what you get

What if there was a national movement to think of Christmas as the time you give, not
the time you get.

What a different world this would be.

Instead of kids writing lists to Santa that said, “I need a bike. I need a doll,”
kids would learn to write,

“Dear Santa:

This year I am going with mom and dad to the shelter. We are going to sing
Christmas songs and take thermal underwear to all those we meet.
Could you please bring some thermal underwear so we’ll have plenty to take?


It became cool to be involved in your community, to be aware of social justice,
to have kids growing up realising they have the power to change the world!

And office parties…all the food and drink would be taken to the shelters when folks were finished
at the parties, and served with love to those who don’t have Christmas parties.

And people would visit retirement homes and recognize the need for the elderly to
have year round visits, so it wasn’t just once a year.

And you know what is great about this idea? Is that it is an idea that is already ALIVE with many people!!
That Christmas isn’t about getting, it is about giving. That action DOES create change.

Giving hope.
Giving love.
Giving TIME.
Giving expertise.
Giving voice on behalf of those who can’t speak out for themselves.

Because Christmas isn’t a time of year, it is a way of living. It isn’t a a day where gifts are given,
it is a way of gifts being lived.

Ok, just thinking about all this and wondering how to sway the tide of consumerism into a tidal wave
of consciousness about the moments we have to be on this earth, and how we will use our time here
to benefit one another and those in need.

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