Why I’m Riding My Bike 50 miles….

For the children

I will be riding in honor of all the children I have ever worked with who had AIDS, starting with the first kids I grew to love at Bryan’s House in Dallas, TX. So many times I would love the children I was singing with, but upon the next return, those children would be gone, taken too early by AIDS.

I’m riding so we can raise money to find a solution, a cure, for this horrible disease that causes so many to needlessly suffer. No child should ever have to endure nor fight this disease. Let’s find the answer in 2009!!! (The last two years I rode in honor of my friends, David and Victor, dear friends who both had AIDS. David died from the disease; Victor committed suicide in high school, back when the disease was virtually unknown and swirled with controversy.)

I know these are heavy stories. But they are REAL LIFE stories, and I want to engage in you a sense of urgency about how devastating this disease can be. Not just because you or I might have friends/family who have been robbed of a life, but because of all the suffering worldwide—from Austin to Africa, AIDS is an epidemic that must be ended.
You can be one of the people that helps me, and all the other riders, to celebrate LIFE! To bring an end to this horrific disease…

So, for the children… this will be my third year to ride a bike this far, so I’m going to do it for YOU, my friends…

Thanks to everyone who is supporting me on this ride and for checking my page to read about my journey to CREATE A CURE!!!!

Sara Hickman

P.S….Tonight, my family and I went to the HCRA kick-off party…and my youngest, iolana, signed up to ride the 10 mile children’s ride! I’m
so proud of her! So you’ll be able to sponsor her, too!

Here’s the link to the ride, if you want to sign up as a volunteer, a rider on our team, or just to kindly donate:


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