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My son was two weeks old. I remember pacing the dimly lit nursery–the noisy room air conditioner barely audible. Alex was screaming and no one–not me, my husband nor my mom–could settle him. I ran and grabbed a CD a fellow Baby Bunching mom had given to me as a baby gift. She assured me it was one of the better baby music CDs out there, and as I put it in the CD player I prayed it would work.

He continued to scream and I started to cry. Until the song “It’s Alright” came on, and its cricket sounds in the background finally calmed him down. It was like magic. He stopped. I don’t know if it was the song or the way the song made me feel as I held him. But I stopped crying and he stopped crying and that become “our song.”

I carried Sara Hickman’s “Newborn” CD around the world with me–twice–when Alex was little. When I couldn’t find a CD player, I would sing the songs. (This included a 6-hour plane ride.) Instantly he’d calm down. The entire CD is filled with sweet renditions of classic songs and some of Sara’s own. We loved the CD so much that for Alex’s first birthday, we bought her second children CD “Toddler,” which was equally as beautiful for young kids. We actually listened to it in the car yesterday.

As soon as Anna made her appearance, I introduced her to the CD hoping this would again be the magical CD. And it was! She loved the songs but didn’t make a connection with one particular song like Alex did, which was fine. I loved the idea that he and I had “our song.” For her first year, we would listen to it as I nursed her late at night, and it still had some magical quality to it. Anna’s song came around later and even at the age of three, I’m still singing it to her.

Because I’m so fond of the CD, she and I are giving away both the “Newborn” and “Toddler “CDs as a special Baby Bunching package. It makes a great gift for Baby Bunching moms since each child gets his own CD. A onesie with the child’s name is included with the CD and will be sent from her directly. Here’s what you have to do: Tell us about a special song you have with your child or one you had with your mom. I’ll take responses by Nov. 3 and randomly pick a winner.

Linda Kerr

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