A Night of Women. (Ellen, You Would Have LOVED it!!!)

Hi, Ellen!

Have you been searching to stand in the middle of 65 women of various shapes and sizes and colors and let them sing sacred, chanting songs with all their heart…right to YOU while looking into your eyes? Well, let me assist you…I know JUST the group for you! I found them Tuesday night, right here in good old Austin, Tx!

From the liner notes of Susan Lincoln’s cd, “Mother Heart: Songs for the Sacred Feminine”:

“Hildegard of Bingen was a brilliant 12th century mystic and visionary who drew from ancient wisdom. She felt the entire universe was perfectly harmonized music. She believed and taught that every being and every movment produces a sound inaudible to most of us, yet in harmonic relation to all other things.

Hildegard possesed the extraordinary gift of being able to hear this extremely subtle but very real cosmic music. She believed that the function of earthly music is to open a portal to the higher realms of harmony that remind us of our soul’s origin and rejoin our voices and spirits to the very melody of life.” (http://www.susanlincoln.com)

I was invited to sing and laugh and play and talk with all these women who have been studying vocals and the muse via Susan and her teachings of Hildegard. It was in the sanctuary of a triangular, wooden boat of a Methodist church. It was a very, very moving experience. Women were laughing along with my stories, singing out and along on my songs, comforting one another when a song was
touching and creating tears.

And THEN, I was blown away by the fact that Susan had taken a simple email of mine and had her friend, Anya, turn it into a chant.
So, we all stood around the piano and sang a new song about the never ending circle of love.

And THEN, I closed with “We Are Each Others Angels”, and I thought of your big heart, Ellen, and how you would have been singing along, too, arms slung graciously over the shoulders of the women on either side of you. How you would have felt all the love in the room, and I could have winked over at you from behind my guitar, and nothing would need to be said. You know what I mean about the perfect moment..when everything is just right and happiness is in the house! (A big house that looks like a boat makes it all even better!)

Wednesday, I had to take myself to a movie. I was spent from the last couple of weeks. I was needing some alone time. Do you ever need that, too? I wonder what you do for alone time. Sew? Read a book? Take a walk? Call Oprah?

I saw “Failure to Launch.” I felt like I was watching an advertisement on extremely beautiful people, especially because there was a horizontal line down the middle of the screen the entire hour and 18 minutes I sat in the theatre. So, Matthew McMan’s bottom half of his body was on the top half of the screen, and his very tan face was on the bottom part of the screen. I had wanted to go to a film to distract my brain. Whoo. It was distracted, alright! I walked out of there thinking how nice it was everything was back in order and that my feet weren’t on my head.

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