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An e-mail from Barry and Bonnie in Oklahoma….

Hi Sara,

I just had to write you a note about your performance last night in Tulsa. No, it is not to complain and ask for a refund or ask for any of the other outrageous offers you made in your delirium. I just want to thank you for finally making an appearance here. You sure made my day. Thank goodness I looked at your web site the other day or I would have missed it and that would not have settled easily with me. You are a fantastic lady, a wonderful singer and my gosh can you play that guitar. I am sure you made an excellent impression on those in attendance.

It was sure nice being able to speak with you briefly before and after your performance. I sure would have loved to talk with you longer, but I know that just was not possible. You are such a talented and beautiful lady. You are even prettier in person. hope by now you have recovered from your long day and hope to be able to see you again.

One thing you said during your performance really got my attention. It was about your pending agreement to get your music out nationally and worldwide, yet be able to retain ownership of your music. I’d love to hear more about that.

Oh well, I will go for now but thought I’d attach a couple of pictures we took with you last night. I’m going to make the one of you and me as the background on my computer, so I won’t forget to check your performance schedule.

Your fan for ever,

Barry & Bonnie Eggert
Owasso, Oklahoma

I was just getting ready to send this off and a song came up on Zen La La called “Too Fast”. That was one of my favorites from one of your older albums. I’d sure love to hear your background story on that one!!
Bye, Barry

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