“Absence of Blame” Sampler, #1: “I’m So Glad (You Came Along)”

Coming this spring: “Absence of Blame,” the new CD from Sara Hickman.

The first in a series of samples from Sara’s newest work, “Absence of Blame.” Coming this spring! Stay tuned at sarahickman.com for news.

Thinking about so many things when I wrote this song. About what it means to have a performance space, what it means to be spiritual, how the two intertwine — being healed by both. The melody/words arrived complete on my mind’s doorstep while walking one morning, alone. Birds in the trees, leaves beneath my feet. The human stage of life.

» Listen to a sample from “I’m So Glad (You Came Along).”

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  • Tilman Müller


    …and there is the full song of “Palin’ By Comparison” on Sara’s facebook site! If I would be at the time and PLACE for your Palin-dance video contest I would dance as (and like) a headless turkey! As it is now I feel mostly handicapped on your CD/houseconcert offer: how could we manage a concert at a house as near as mine…? The Tillowman

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