Subject: What you can do for the moment…from a former Cactus employee


The energy surrounding the response to the Cactus announcement is amazing. Closing in on 3,000 members in 24 hours. Astounding. This was and is about much more than me creating a Facebook Group, of course so I’m going to add a couple more folks as Admins and things should begin to organize in the near future. For the moment, I want to post a message I received from former Cactus employee Jack Tuggle.

More news from this group soon!

Wiley Koepp

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Hey folks,

Here are a couple suggestions for helping to save the cactus…

-Write a letter to the Texas Union Director and the VP of Student Affairs expressing your support of keeping the Cactus around. Letters from students and alumni are especially helpful…

Andy Smith
The University of Texas at Austin
TX Union
PO Box 7338
Austin, TX 78713

Juan Gonzalez
The University of Texas at Austin
VP-Student Affairs
PO Box 7699
Austin, TX 78713

-Attend President Powers’ town hall meeting (; This is a meeting for students, faculty, and staff to present their ideas, but it is also open to the public. Facebook event here (

All your support is appreciated.

We can do this!!!

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