All Saints Day

This morning started off with lots of love. I attended St. John’s Methodist Church where I heard Roy Spence talk about the new book, “The Amazing Faith of Texas”, followed by my singing “Always a Saint”, taking communion, singing from the hymnal and witnessing the lighting of the candles in honor of those who passed away this year, including a candle in honor of the Honorable Ann Richards.

Then, I walked across the street and gave my talk, “Fine Tuning the Balance of Life and Work” to a Sunday School class of about 22 adults. I felt so happy to share the slides and thoughts I have about life, connections, work, blessings, each other…The end of that hour was lots of hugs!

Then, back across the street to sing in the 11:00 am service…and I stayed afterwards to sell cds, talk to folks, thank the minister, Bobbi Kaye, for having me be a part of such a glorious morning.

About to go sing for a Democratic fundraiser at Threadgill’s with Kristin…followed by a trip to Sanrio with the family. It is Hello! Kitty’s birthday, so we’re going to meet Hello! Kitty. iolana has already made her a card and is very eager to deliver it in person!

Oh, I forgot to mention. My hair is now black, purple and honey colored. I’ll try to upload a pic. Kate, the amazing hairdresser goddess, helped “transform” me…when I look in the mirror, I see my mom, circa 1970…minus the polyester, swirly pantsuit! (Although, who knows: I watched a Sarah Silverman film, “Jesus Is Magic” and she had a groovy paisley outfit on…..and a big, black wig…so it might just be coming back in vogue!)

Lance told us about a film last week, “Art on The Streets”, and we all went to see the premiere. We saw several homeless people we know, or have worked with, in the film…and, of course, I was in tears. It was so moving to watch people create these beautiful works of art at ARCH (Austin Resource Center for the Homeless) and then have a big show…the show is spectacular, and the homeless have their work matted and hung, and then they are present to talk to attendees about the work as they sell it. They keep all the money, too. It is the only program like this in the world. Some folks make enough money from the sale of their art to get into an apartment, sometimes they make enough to stay in the apartment for an entire year. If you get a chance to see this film, please go support it. You can check it out at:

io had a soccer game yesterday. I swear the team they were playing were 7 year old Brazilians….they were a tough team! After the game, io went to Emmaline’s to celebrate her birthday, and Lily and I had a mother/daughter day. We went to Borders and purchased a book for our mother/daughter book club (“Harriet the Spy”),
had lunch at the China Buffet, walked across the street to see “Flushed Away”, which, by all standards, was FANTASTIC. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but let me tell you…
high marks all around. Story: A++…animation? A++…Character development? A++ …Music? A++….Slugs? A+++

I can’t say enough about this film! Shockingly good.

Which reminds me: REDS is finally arriving on DVD! One of my favorite films of ALL TIME. Did you ever see it? I can not tell you how excited I am. I haven’t seen it since
1981…at which point I saw it FOUR TIMES…and it is a four hour movie (with intermission!) Lance was all over it before I even mentioned it…he had read it was coming out on DVD, too, and he knows I love it…Gotta love that my man knows what I love!!!!

Oh, saw Rob Patterson yesterday. That was cool-ie-o. So, Rob, should you happen to meander by my blog, I am now telling the world (ok, those who actually know about my blog and choose to read it..THAT world!) that I was delighted to see you and tag you are it…call me for that lunch date! Don’t forget. Are you forgetting?
DO NOT. End of the year is almost here….

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