It’s already here…The Future

This is sort of funny , but the scary part about it is that it is probably not too far away.

My mom forwarded this link to me. I’m not sure how we can go back…I know when I stop to buy gas, I can’t until I’ve entered my zip code, which really ticks me off. When people at stores
ask me for my zip code, I always say, “No, I don’t like to give out any information, thanks.” I recognize that giving a zip code may not seem intrusive because the corporations are only collecting data on which areas shop the most frequently in their stores, but you know what? It is, actually, prepping us to feel comfortable to give out even MORE information in the future.
Trust me. So, speak up and say “no”. So….

Listen closely and watch the screen and pointer carefully. You are the person “processing” the call.

Click the link and see… turn up the volume.

((( Turn Sound ON )))

Ordering Pizza in the year 2010

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  • Gene


    Well, the zip code requirement at the gas station is a security check — the credit card company checks your billing address against the zip code you enter to make sure that someone else hasn’t stolen your card.
    But when they ask for it at Bed Bath & Beyond or Radio Shack or any other retailer at the check-out, they’re collecting it for marketing research, and I always give them a made-up one. Just for fun. I want them to think that I travelled 2000 miles to shop at their chain store.

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