Almost Christmas

Well, the Grammy nomination didn’t come my way. I was really bummed. I was so sure that BIG KID was going to be in the running. For some reason, I take those things so hard. As if I haven’t done a good enough job, or my nose is too big, or I’m too old, or I don’t network well enough. Then I wrote about my disappointment in the Yahoo Chat and so many people turned my outlook around with their gentle reminders. BIG KID is still a tour de force and an album I can enjoy, celebrate and grow old with because it is, genuinely, an album full of love, laughter and intelligence. So, thanks to everyone who gave me encouragement and allowed me to feel sad.

Christmas is almost here. Our house is a disaster, but that’s ok. We have been in “new addition” mode for the last six months…we tore off our old screened in porch (which had a GIANORMOUS colony of carpenter ants! shudder!) and have been in the process of adding a family room. With a FIREPLACE! Now Santa can enter our home properly!

The tree isn’t up. There is dust everywhere. But we are together, and we are a family of love. That makes the
season beautiful!

I’m apologizing for not getting to my blog lately…I’m behind in a million ways. The holidays bring added opportunity for me/us to extend love in a myriad of ways, so I have to put things like online journals aside for a bit.

More soon, I promise. But, if for some reason I can’t return soon…let me say “Merry Christmas” to you. May your season be warm and bright and may strangers greet you with true courtesy and affection. May the entire world be showered with peace.

From the girl and her guitar

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  • Hi, Sara,
    My daughter Paige and I are sitting at side-by-side computers trying to remember the name of your friend whose sister’s name is Karen, and she played softball. All of this came round-about because yesterday I was trying to remember the name of my daughter Lisa’s cat (named after the cat–Orange Oliver–you wrote about) so I could write it on the gift tag for his Christmas present (part of gifts for 1 granddog, 3 grandcats and 2 hamsters). Unfortunately, being part of the 60+ group means that you often have to use association to arrive at a name, etc. that you might ordinarily remember without effort. Well, I went to your website. After I read for a while, I started thinking that my sister-in-law might be interested in talking to you about the Lake Austin Spa where she is the program director. So I emailed her with my idea, and guess what??? She says she knows you. Her name is Robbie Hudson. So, small world. Enough of this rambling, but I do want to know about Anita and where she is these days, and also Jenny. But, please, tell us the name of your friend.
    Merry Christmas to all your family.
    Beverly Hudson

  • I think that not being sullied with a grammy validates your work even further. I think that the only person with genuine talent that ever got one of those was Dave Alvin who was totally bemused by it all. Apologies for not having posted on the great stuff you sent but I’ll be getting to that soon. Promise. All the best.

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