And then what happened?

Did I play at Mobile Loaves and Fishes gig last Friday? And wasn’t St. Martin’s Lutheran Church simply gorgeous? Yes, to both of those questions, but what about the Ovation? The guitar you’ve had all these years? Did you auction it off to a Baptist minister? And did the money go to Mobile Loaves and Fishes? What? Really? $1000? Were you surprised? Happy? Was it a good turnout? It was? I bet you were thrilled, weren’t you?

Then, on Saturday, you went and saw your friend Jo Ann, with your dear friend, Jon? When did you start talking about yourself in third person? About 15 sentences ago? Why was that? Is it easier to write about yourself (myself) as if you (I) are (am) someone else? It is? Will everyone reading this be able to follow along? You think so? Is that because anyone reading this blog is fairly brilliant?

So, after visiting with Jo Ann, you drove Lily’s friend, Zoe, out to Wimberly? And then had lunch with iolana and Lance at a BBQ place that was super tasty? And then came home and made an enormous bowl of chopped lettuce, matched with another enormous bowl of chopped tomatoes for the Navajo greeting/gathering/dinner at church? How was that? The kids are cute? You made new friends and ate good food? Then you went to Dick Reeves “I’ve been in Austin 40 years party!” with Lance? Wasn’t the popcorn good? Did you have a beer? No? Just water? Was everyone else drinking? There was a keg? And you saw Craig Calvert singing with Michael Jackson? What? Not THE Michael Jackson? Oh, you mean the one that plays guitar and lives in Austin and wears glasses?

Then you went home and had a quiet evening with your husband? And you watched a dumb movie? What was it? “For Your Consideration” was not worth the two hours it took to watch it?

And then you got the flu? Your lungs hurt? Stuffed up? But you still went and played two gigs on that Sunday? One with a poor P.A. and children running around? But the other gig was fantastic? And Cat went with you to sell cds?
You had a good lunch together, though? The day was sunny? And hot?

Since then you’ve had more gigs, went into a recording studio, had lunch with Bradley Kopp, found out you are singing on the new Texas Tourist national ad campaign, had a rehearsal with Lorrie, answered email, took the girls to VBS and picked them up, helped Lily through an ear infection after a visit to the doctor, and started packing for Kansas while learning some new songs for Robin’s new cd? Didja get any sleep in there? What? You signed up for a sleep study, and you will get PAID for the study? Are you finding humor in your situation by making money off of your insomnia (finally)?

Do you think you’ll ever return to writing without questions? In first person?

When was the last time you sat down and had a good long talk with Roger, your brain? Do you think anyone remembers you named your brain in one of these blog entries?

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  • David


    I don’t remember you naming your brain other than in jest… Is there a reason it’s Roger? Is it like “Roger & me” (but different)?

  • Roger


    Sara, I love the Ovation and feel guilty at having an instrument you have loved all these years. Your note was “just right.” Someday I’d like to get you to sign the O…like Willie’s, you know.

    roger…the baptist minister, not your brain!

  • Denise


    You are so funny:)

  • andy-dog


    You & Roger need to chill a bit more. Your schedule at present is too frenetic. I was also disappointed with “For Your Consideration”- the others were funnier; that one is too long.
    Glad to hear Robin is working on a CD. I will put the tracks for mine in the mail on Monday. Hope you can stand listening to them. The moderator seems to be omitting my comments; I have written a few but they don’t show up!
    Love, a-dog

  • Gene


    You have the flu, too? You’d think I wouldn’t be happy about other’s misery, but don’t you sometimes think it feels better to be sick when you find out that others have the same thing happening?
    And aren’t you disappointed that the fantastic troupe of Christopher Guest didn’t manage to pull off another gem in “For Your Consideration”?

  • Chad


    Have fun with the sleep study – if nothing else you’ll get a good 16 – 18 hours of solitude and a really goofy hairdo (goop they use for the leads, kinda like hair gel). Been a victim of that one myself.

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