Beard Needs our Help!!!!

A Deep Ellum Icon Needs Some Help, Even If He’d Never Ask For It Himself
John “Beard” Brewer, ruler of the Dada doorway
Tue Oct 16, 2007 at 10:24:57 AM
Mark Graham

Amanda Newman, new co-owner of Club Dada, sends word this morning that iconic Dada doorman John “Beard” Brewer has been at Parkland Memorial Hospital since Friday night. Brewer suffered what friends are referring to as a seizure. Doctors had expected to remove a breathing tube last night, but did not: Reports a friend of Beard’s, who paid him a visit last night, doctors are “still checking for fluid in his lungs.”

Writes Newman this morning: “Beard does not have insurance, and we are trying to quickly put together a benefit to help defray the costs of his medical care.” Folks who’d like to pitch in can reach Newman via her e-mail address : .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

“I’ve known Beard since I was 16 years old and trying to sneak into Dada,” Newman says. “When Dada came into new ownership, we got Beard back at the door, and it made Dada feel like home again. Beard is Dada in a lot of ways. He’s the gruff guy who sits outside with his arms crossed and always has a funny insult for somebody. But he’ll bend over backwards for anyone, and it’s our turn to bend over backwards for him.” –Robert Wilonsky


I love Beard. He was always incredibly good to me. He took me out to eat with his daughter, Stanzi, and always made sure I felt safe at shows. He introduced me to other
awesome people, and was like a very protective big brother.

I’d like to do a benefit concert at Club Dada, and I’m hoping Brave Combo will come out and we can do one together, like the old days when I wore a white leather
cowgirl dress and boots (what?!…yes, I did.)

If you don’t know Beard, let me say he is all things good and gruff, topped with cinnamon sugar and a heart bigger than Texas. But he can also pummel anyone that
would be intent on hurting anyone else, altho he has a great way of using his gruff to get things to come to a stop before he’d ever resort to actual, physical ka-pow.

If you do know Beard, you are already planning ways to get fund together to help him.

Beard, you’ll never read this, but I am putting it out in the universe and up to God that I love you (both already knew that) and I’ll do my damndest to help you out.
Keep up the good fight and heal!


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  • Erik


    The check is on the way…..


  • Thanks so much for spreading the word, Ms. Sara!

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