MacHenry’s Closing

MacHenry’s was the kind of place like Cheers: full of
regulars who knew each others’ names, who shouted out
yours the minute you walked in the door, who made sure
you had something refreshing to drink and caught you
up on what was going on in the world of music.

I am very much going to miss this place that offered
me the freedom to be me, to sing my songs, to talk as
long as I wanted from the stage.
A home away from home.

Deanna, you did a great job booking and I love your
spirit, your voice (can you sing!) and your enthusiasm
for making MacHenry’s flow. And John, thanks for
making a club that was about the music and the

America….don’ t forget your pubs and smaller, family
owned businesses. They are what made this nation who
it is. Places to work and share one’s talents during
the day, and a place to relax at night. Hand in hand,
are we losing the simple basics that feed humanity’s
soul and give people hope? Will everything continue to
grow into Wal-Mart, Starbucks (coffee AND music) and
Home Depots? How can people know who they are and grow
as compex, satisfied individuals who, truly, care
about themselves, their families and their communities
if there is only one collective borg?….

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  • Delia


    Yeh… where is this train goin’? Don’t be assimilated!!! Oh don’t get me started! And I don’t understand why Mac Henrys is closing. Maybe they won’t. I hear they figure something out usually just in the nick of time- Hope that is the case! Their new location on Magnolia Avenue is great! It’s the perfect spot for such a venue.

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